WipEout HD & Fury coming to PlayStation Vita

It seem that WipEout HD and Fury coming to PlayStation Vita as additional content for WipEout 2048.

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WooHooAlex2316d ago

I love me some WipEout

Almost have my platinum trophy in 2048. I just need to finish up the multiplayer campaign (ugh).

PirateThom2316d ago

That would be awesome, especially if it brings Assegai back into the ship roster.

Jio2316d ago

WipEout Fury has the best ships, I'll dominate in multiplayer!

sway_z2316d ago

WipEout is a cool racer/shooter...but I would really appreciate if Sony made Vita specific games that you cannot even get on PS3.

I can't see the Vita holding its own with so many PS3 ports...the USP (Unique Selling Point) of any console/handheld is the must have games that you won't find on any other hardware.

That's why I have held back from buying PS Vita, I already have most of it's catalogue on PS3 in one form or another.

We don't want ports, we want exclusive stellar games..I know some will name a few Vita specific games...but is a few enough?

I'm not being negative about Vita, I just want it to succeed!'s the most powerful handheld ever created for a mass market, and it seems Sony don't know quite what to do with it.


That being said....WipEout is an awesome game :)

PirateThom2316d ago

Yeah, but this is just adding existing content to the unique Vita game.

sway_z2316d ago

PirateThom, I agree to a degree, but you must see the Vita has way too many PS3 ports/versions of existing PS3 games.

My point is probably for another thread since this is all about WipEout.....

Damn, I really, really want Vita to do something's early days I guess.

Let's see this PS3 mini fulfil it's potential in the years to come....then i'll get one to compliment my future PS4 purchase.

PoSTedUP2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

i do believe that sony needs these games on vita because the developer And the games are already established, it means easy money and a continuing jump in already established fan base from console to "console" which they do need to sell SOMETHING at this price, otherwise they will not profit as much or if any. i dont think they have the money to market any of these new games too much at the moment so they have to keep their solid fan base satisfied to an extent. and the franchises Are awesome. i understand it, but i also agree with you. im sick of wipeout and other rehashed games. Gravity Rush was an incredible breath of fresh air (playing right now). they need a Socom2HD REMAKE! and PS Home on Vita (that would be EPIC). but really all we can do now is wait, just like when the ps3 first came out. this handheld is magnificent and i cannot wait for the games and updates to come (personally Persona4Golden). i WAS getting frustrated on what games to buy bc the selection was minimal, then i found Gravity Rush. next is Resistance for the FPS Online experience. happy gaming : )

Cryptcuzz2316d ago

You should look into Gravity Daze. Lemme tell you, the game is unique, the graphics are awesome and the music is really top notch.

Flying pass building high up in the sky or dropping is oh so very cool. The premise of this game and the unique abilities you have can only be found on the Vita.

Play it at a store, a friend, or buy yourself a Vita with this game, it doesn't matter, you can thank me later. Cheers! :)

PoSTedUP2316d ago

i love using Square (attack) to travel quicker, i am beasting with the controls so far. lol

Bell Boy2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

All this too many ports is bs imo

Wipeout 2048 is exclusive content to the Vita.
Wipeout is a very popular established franchise that as appeared on Sony hardware since PS1...this new dlc is indeed on PS3 version but since was making a good game better a bad idea!

You can not seriously expect Sony to launch a new console with only new IP's....odd nobody suggests Nintendo do not have Mario on their new console or if Microsoft launched a handeld that Halo would not have a game developed.

Vita as a good mix of direct ports..I have Rayman and Mortal Kombat for Vita but passed them on PS3 as to many other games I right there people like me warrant their inclusion in the game line up.

Seems to me people confuse the established franchise Vita games as ports when in fact many such as Assasins Creed 3 have exclusive campaigns or Mortal Kombat exclusive content.

Uncharted is a Vita exclusive campaign as is Resistance in case people think they are merely ports

When LBP launches this will also be put down as a port when infact it is a brand new campaign with new Vita exclusive features..IMO this may actually turn out to be the defacto LBP given my experience playing the beta

If you want brand new IP's for Vita try Gravity Rush and Escape Plan for starters...


smashcrashbash2316d ago

Ignore them.They just repeat the same thing over and over again. We know that the VITA is more then just ports. We are even getting our own Assassins Creed, Silent Hill and COD. You have to excuse gamers these days. They just repeat the same thing no matter what changes or what happens. People have been saying that all exclusives sell better on the other systems then on the PS3 which is a lie but that doesn't stop people from still saying it.

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