Steam is Breaking New Ground

Steam, Valve digital online platform, is incredibly popular. No, really, at almost any given time, there are over a million gamers playing some sort of game, and it’s usually much higher. There are so many things to love about Steam, whether it be the convenience of having your games available to you whenever you need them, having your saved games follow you around, or simply making it easier to keep in contact with your gamer friends!

This, however, is NOT the best thing about Steam. No sir, people flock to Steam like the i on Apple products because of the deals that you can get on games.

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CrimsonEngage3529d ago

I like how everyone loves steam but when it first came out people bitched and moaned all the time.

evileyevileye3529d ago

Yeah, it started off REALLY bad. They really did a good job improving it though.

JsonHenry3529d ago

It had an incredibly horrible start.. those of us that were there trying to unlock our "pre-loaded" HL2 on launch day knows just how bad it was.

Now, however, Steam is awesome. :)

Redgehammer3529d ago

I love Valve, but I consider Steam to be cumbersome, and something I use only if no other choice. I have spent more hours of my gaming life playing Valve games than I have any other developers. From: TF2, HL, CS, HL death match, Portal, I have played and loved them all, but Steam, no thanks. Alas, no choice.

vandal GAB3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

What just as they did with the PSN and Xbox live? lol. Steam is awesome!

Ravenor3529d ago

I started using Steam when CS 1.6 was released (It's first release) and later when the Counter Strike Source beta came out before HL2's release. When 1.6 launched it was a mess, but I think that had more to do with the amount of people trying to download CS 1.6

The Source beta launch went much smoother. I also ran into no trouble getting my Half Life 2 installed and registered to my account. I never understood all the bitching simply because I was there and experienced almost no problems with it.

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smoothdude3529d ago

I have to admit that Steam is fantastic. It actually brought me back to the PC gaming. It is just so easy to buy and play games.

-Alpha3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Steam is by far the best service out there-- cheap games, huge library, free, very accessible and easy to use.

trancefreak3529d ago

Im on it right now playing some good ole garys mod

Bluemaster773529d ago

Steam is by far the most Wallet Friendly way to game , its inter face is smooth and accessible and its linkage abilities are second to none

vandal GAB3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

steam rules

newn4gguy3529d ago

I'm pretty sure the quotation marks mean he's being sarcastic.

the_best_player3529d ago

nope just your soul

vandal GAB3529d ago

Rageanitus your a fine example on a complete troll cockface!

Rageanitus3529d ago

I guess a majority of ppl on the inetz does not know how to read english text.... sigh

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The story is too old to be commented.