Right Stick Camera Controls Added to PS3 Monster Hunter

The official site for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD has opened with confirmation of a major new feature for PS3 players. According to the site, the PS3 version will use the Dual Shock 3's right stick for camera controls.

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Nitrowolf22711d ago

OMG i waited for one of these to come to the PS3 ever since PS3 was revealed. Hopefully sales do good to push Capcom to release one made specifically for PS3. Now i'm just worry for pricing.
I expect same price as HD collections, but since it's just one game maybe lower. IDK i hope series like GOw,GTA,MGS on psp release in packs rather then single releases. Curious to know if trophies are supported.They should be, but its still a question that should be cleared up.

I hope all PSP games fix camera

rezzah2710d ago

Even so it is a port and looks like the MH on PS2.

Capcom should of built a MH from the ground up for the PS3 instead.

Even so this is a step up, however I hope they don't plan on using this as a way to play future MH on the consoles.

Nitrowolf22710d ago

I hope not to. Wii with MH works well, would not mind a move capatable one

ThanatosDMC2710d ago

I think eventually, we'll get a Monster Hunter game built for the PS3. Hopefully allows the underwater battles that was so awesome in Tri while keeping up with the insane amount of content in MHP2G/Unite.

miyamoto2710d ago

I like the video its looks very detailed and looks better than the God of War PS2 Collection, even.
Although what I want is a MH game made specifically for the PS3 this is definitely a welcome move from CAPCOM before that great MH in all HD glory eventually hits the PS3 coupled with PSMove capability like RE5.

This is milking the franchise done right.

ThanatosDMC2710d ago

^No thanks on Move + MH game. It doesnt work. Did you try to play try without the bundled controller? It sucked so much.

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ZombieAssassin2711d ago

Nice, hopefully they do that for more games if they release them like MGS and Syphon Filter.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

They need to do this for VC2 and 3. I know theyre gonna do it for Peace Walker. Kingdom Hearts BBS. Guilty Gear Accent Core. And Killzone liberation.

Oh yea and resistance retribution.

Apotheosize2711d ago

Any news on if itll come to NA?

Lirky2711d ago

I've never played a monster hunter game, i however have a ps3 so id like to get a monster hunter game someday it would be on ps3 first since itll have hd graphics lol the 2nd monster hunter to have that.

Since the 360s monster hunter was the 1st to have the hd monster hunter graphics.

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