Monster Hunter PS3 VS PSP

Plus, details on a sweet bonus that's included with the PS3 version.

The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD trailer from earlier today (see it here) gave us some indication of just how much of a visual upgrade the PSP version is getting in its move to the PS3. Cacpom has since shared full res screenshots further highlighting the difference.

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Prcko3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Japan ps3 sales gonna be huge after this release
this is hd version man,people gonna buy ps3 for this,you gonna see

qface643533d ago

japan already owns this game though i don't think sales are gonna be crazy considering like 5mil people already own the game (also its on a console)

digimau3533d ago

qface the game is out only in Jap for PSP!

5 Milion only in Jap!

Famitsu Review 39/40!

Is great coming sales for this HD version WW

This version vote is better the Wii version

qface643533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

exactly 5 MILLION already sold only in japan and monster hunter DOES NOT sell anywhere else if they already have 5 million sold what makes some people think this game is gonna sell like crazy?

im seeing people say that its gonna outsell or match the psp version in terms of sales.... UM WHAT?

aceitman3533d ago

and how many have a ps3 and no psp ?

lil Titan3533d ago

been wanting this game for PS3 for a LONG TIME about to cry

HolyOrangeCows3533d ago

Finally on the PS3 and it's a flippin' PSP port :/

Oh well. It looks nice.
But if they don't fix the camera so I can use R. Thumbstick, I will vomit for a week straight.

EYEamNUMBER13533d ago

looks like MH3 on the wii

this just adds to what ive been saying for such a long time capcom likes to produce monster hunter games as cheap as possible
i have no problem with it though since the games are still fun

qface643533d ago

yeah that's why you wont really see a MH built from the ground up for the ps3/360 at least not until the costs get allot lower

MH has looked almost the same since it was first released
but that's fine though because it gets the job done and done right i had a blast with MH3 one of the few games i care about online

Cloudberry3533d ago

I think CAPCOM did a good job.

Fortunately, I'm not often-ly fussing about graphics as MHP3rd graphic is as good as the original PSP version.

Quagmire3533d ago

Still, it would be nice for Capcom to specially make a story-driven MMORPG Monster Hunter game for HD consoles. I guess this will do.

Im still stuck on the first game, its quite hard when playing by oneself.

rajman3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It looks alot better in motion

[email protected]3533d ago

Look like their got a copy sold already... if the hd version get localized , of corse1 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.