Double Dragon II: The Revenge Retro Review

Lens of Truth writes - "Is that the sweet smell of revenge in the air? No, its just our latest Retro Review! In this retro we take a look at one of the best Beat’em ups the NES has to offer – Double Dragon II: The Revenge! Does this sequel have what it takes to best its predecessor? Step inside our retro dojo to find out!"

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tweet752707d ago

this was the most fun i ever had in a double dragon game

CrimsonEngage2707d ago

They should remake these games using a more up to date engine but keep it a side scroller. Like they did with Bionic Commando. + Give it Xbox Live support.

insomnium22707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Ahhhh one of the best games in my childhood. This, Megaman and Startropics are some of the greatest of all a blast of nostalgia.

dionnysus2707d ago

i remember playing the 'B' game, me and my cousin were always trying to each other off the cliff. good times.