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ZombieAssassin2706d ago

Wow good news, hope to see some Crisis Core on my Ps3 soon.

Vherostar2706d ago

Would be nice wouldn't it?? I think they should have done this a LONG time ago. Monster hunter HD will sell through the roof though and its the first Monster Hunter game in HD. I wonder what pricing will be though?? Will it be full price or budget pricing like the ps2 remakes?? Budget games are great for boosting your collection especially quality ones like Monster Hunter or Crisis Core.

kane_13712706d ago

i think they chose a right time line for it.
you know, this is their new way to tell you say goodbye to your old friend.
same with ps2, now it is the end for psp soon, and they have began

pixelsword2705d ago

A remastered Killzone Liberation would be nice...

moparful992705d ago

Umm God of War: Ghost of Sparta anyone?? Metal Gear Solid: peace walker. Yes please!

ThanatosDMC2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I hope we can play it via PSN instead of that Ad Hoc party since i cant use wired internet.

Lame. I dont want to use Ad Hoc Party. It'd be fine if they enable it to wifi users... piece of crap. Give us PSN connectivity instead.

HolyOrangeCows2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

So far we know GOW:CoO, GOW:GoS, and Monster Hunter are coming to the PS3.

I'm guessing that the GTA rumors are probably true, too.

Here's hoping we see Metal Gear have a remaster collection. Frankly, I'd MUCH rather than play it on PSP with its controls, assuming they fix up the control scheme to fit the PS3.

"so if nintendo did this there would be wide spread chatter about how nintendo has no ideas for the wii"
Perhaps if the 3DS had more announced exciting titles than an N64 port or two, they wouldn't get so much gruff.
As for the PS3, it's lineup is filled with original titles. A few remasters added to the lineup isn't the same as the 3DS situation.

sikbeta2705d ago

Freaking Awesome News! All the best PSP games for PS3: GOW:CoO, GOW:GoS, MGS:PW; FF:CC, R:R, KZ:L, GTP, count me in, as for my PSP, time to sell it and wait for the NGP!

Dee_912705d ago

jesus i need a 3rd job

killcycle2705d ago

PSP is hacked through the roof and your allowed to import your psp savedata so every hack or cheat savedata-related will be brought over too.

Monster hunter hackers with 99 of every item.

They should make us start over for the ps3, i wouldn't mind!

ThanatosDMC2705d ago

^Agreed with killcycle. They should make the save files separate since cheaters will be rampant. I hated those bastards in KZ:L, Socom, and Syphon Filter.

no_more_heroes2705d ago

OMFG Birth By Sleep on ps3 (hopefully)! Dear God, I need $300.

*googles temp agencies*

miyamoto2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Now it will become a reality!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it makes me even more happy to own a PS3 these PSP re-masters are so very welcome to my PS3 gaming library. So many great Japanese games in High Definition finally!

Remember HHGamer predicting MGS Peace Walker making it to the PS3, may not be so far fetched.

TheLastGuardian2704d ago

I want Twisted Metal: Head On for PS3 with online play. I miss that game since they shut the servers down.

Meh on the Monster Hunter. I heard GoW Portable was coming to PS3. I already have them for PSP but I might play them on PS3 for the trophies since I already have GoW I, GoW II and GoW III platinums.

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Sevir042706d ago

It seems the leaked Squareenix masterpiece collections are a big announcment for sony's PS3. which means... Damn near all the popular PSP games like FF T-0,BBS, 3rd Bday, crisis core, will all get PS3 functionality! Resistance retribution would be awesome on PS3! MGS fans will get portable ops+ and peace walker on the PS3 thanks to this! man! I cant imagine what else is gonna cook up!

OMG street fighter alpha 3d and megaman x 3d on the PS3!!!!! faint* the possibilities are endless!!!!

Ju2705d ago

Yes! Retribution! Me want.

MakiManPR2705d ago

Birth by Sleep in HD for the PS3 would be EPIC!!

dmixwell2705d ago

wonder if they will have psn online connectivity and if so bring on star wars battle front along with those games you named

The_Quiet_Man2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"OMG street fighter alpha 3d and megaman x 3d on the PS3!!!!! faint*"

@Sevir04 even though their old titles I kinda want these 2 even over some modern games were getting. Living in Ireland I haven't seen these 2 titles at any of my local stores for a couple of years now.

On ebay it can be awkward trying to get a Pal version of MMX, rare & expensive, especially a good copy (scratches etc).

Also, it puzzles me how SF Alpha 3 never released on PSN compatible for the PS3 like Alpha 1 & 2 did. I still play Alpha 2 alot, I use it too warm up my hands mainly before playing multiplayer games (I think it makes my reactions quicker online, lol).

PS: Getting both MGS & both GOW PSP games would be the icing on an already delicious cake. I'd buy them all now if they were available & PS3 compatible.

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darthawesome902705d ago

Yes, Crisis core with improved side missions. But I hope the main story stays intact.

Gamer_Z2705d ago

I want to play Patapon! x)

fatstarr2705d ago

so if nintendo did this there would be wide spread chatter about how nintendo has no ideas for the wii. and bla bla bla

moparful992705d ago

Seriously why do you have to stir the pot?

fatstarr2705d ago

because the pot would have been stirred had this been titled something different with a different company.

just think a zelda game remastered for the wii that was a ds game what the community would say.

frelyler2705d ago

Right, but unlike the wii the ps3 is in no short supply of original new content. Nintendo has been rereleasing the same games since the 80s. Just look at this year of releases for the ps3 and you'll see how silly your comment sounds.

Kewl_Kat2705d ago

Unless Nintendo releases remastered DS games, then no one would ever know whether the reception would be bad or good. At least Sony is actually coming out with remastered PSP games, and the reception so far is very positive.

snipes1012705d ago

I response to everyone ever criticizing a console or talking about it's shortcomings:

who cares?

What you eat doesn't make me shit.

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JLeVRT2705d ago

Cant wait to play Peace Walker, Syphon Filter, and GTA VCS!

UnbiasedGamer2705d ago

This is a great oppurtunity for people who missed out all those great PSP titles, But however CFW users probably have already played all those games and for free aswell ages ago.

Kewl_Kat2705d ago

You could make the same argument about remastered PS2 games. Tons of people have already played games like God of War and Sly Cooper on the PS2, and yet the HD collections on the PS3 have done very well.

Solidus187-SCMilk2705d ago

its good to hear that they are making them HD for these releases.
I hope they make the GOW PSP games and MGS peace walker for the ps3.

showtimefolks2705d ago

thank you sony

gow of war on psp both games
all MGS games
and many more

Jaces2705d ago

I love monster hunter but I never had anyone to play with on my PSP. This is great news that it's coming out on PS3, I have tons of friends that are diehard fans.

b163o12705d ago

I've noticed know has mentioned any R* games. No one wants "TheWarriors" HD?

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BrianG2706d ago

This has me thinking of a possible NGP link as well.

GodHandDee2706d ago

Agreed, I think we will see a lot more of these titles very soon with cross connectivity between ps3 NGP

and also this all but confirms that ps3 will have a great summer in Japan sales wise

Peace Walker HD anyone?

Surfaced2706d ago

This signifies Sony themselves taking the initiative in making the PSP obsolete and irrelevant. I wouldn't be surprised if the platform is discontinued entirely within the next year.

It also leads to the blurring line between PS3 and the upcoming NGP. Cross-platform capabilities will surely be emphasized. The future holds interesting things.

Also this means I will finally be motivated to play Peace Walker!

C0MPUT3R2706d ago

It already is in the west.

pain777pas2706d ago

Yes, Brian G. Prepare to be pleased with their plan at E3. The HD version if downloadable could be NGP compatible aswell. For those who have not purchased the game you can get the NGP or PS3 version. NGP has the added advantage of just getting the PSP version however their are no input updates to the regular PSP versions of PSP games.

Ace_Pheonix2705d ago

You know what this means!?! My dreams of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection could come true! It's the only thing I really want out of E3 and Kojima this year. Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 all in one big package... They could sell it for $300 and I'd still buy it. And hell, they could throw in the Ac!d titles too while they're at it...

Call_me_Ishmael2706d ago

Monster hunter!!!!
with psn support its gonna be crazy

Larry L2706d ago

Yes. YES. YES!!!!!!

This is all I care about. Since 2006 all I've wanted is to be able to play Monster Hunter, online, on my PS3. Well.....I should say....since midnight December 31st 2007, when the PS2 Monster Hunter servers were shut down, because I was playing Monster Hunter online on my PS3 up until that time. I shed a few tears at 12:01 when the servers shut down. I completely skipped new years eve that year to play Monster Hunter online that whole last day of the servers. And so did alot of other people.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

same with peace walker, that was only adhoc, and not everybody can use adhoc party.

but really, this just shows how ds games pale in comparison to psp games.

don't get me wrong, i think that the ds has some really great games, but none of theme compare to psp's. And yes I've actually played both, and that doesn't mean just trying it out at a friends.

It shows because... well can you imagine ds trying to pull this off, maybe with a few games, but it just wouldn't work. And I'm not judging soley on graphical limitations.