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DarkCharizard_2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Why is PS3 getting the port of a PSP title and not it's own game? Also,

Monster Hunter Tri > Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

slinky1234562707d ago

Seriously make a whole new game no reason for a port.

Godmars2902706d ago

Capcom = lazy but generally good game company.

Besides - or in addition to - what would justify a PS3 version other than something with open world elements? Honestly, Capcom just isn't that skilled.

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Larry L2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Personally this is some of the best news I've heard in a long, long time. Especially as a Monster Hunter fan. This BETTER come to the U.S.

Granted, I would obviously prefer a true PS3 Monster Hunter. But the fact is Capcom have pretty much become sellouts, especially with the Monster Hunter series. For some reason they refuse to make a true PS3 Monster Hunter. But as a Monster Hunter fan, graphics aren't all that important to me. It's the hunt I love, and creating new weapons and armor pieces.

Monster Hunter on PS2 is pretty much my favorite game of all time. Between my 3 characters I had over 1600 hours just online. Best co-op game ever made. And while the PSP versions were all superior content wise, I just didn't like playing on PSP. It made my hands cramp after like 30 minutes and MH is a game I like playing for hours on end. Not to mention lack of online play, I just don't enjoy the experience solo.

If this comes to the U.S. you can consider it already sold. I'm just praying that since they are optimizing for PS3, they put attacks back on the right analog stick, and not just keep it on triangle and circle. If they release this in the U.S., Capcom will have gotten back at least SOME of all my repect they've lost over this console generation.

gaffyh2706d ago

Better than nothing, if it does well, maybe we'll see a full game.

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rrw2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

because they found out that MH game is only work on portable.

having ps3 version allow you to play better quality graphic in 3D.

then continue it on the bus by transferring to PSP.

plus people want HD MH anyway

wwm0nkey2706d ago

"MH game is only work on portable." No, just no

Etseix2706d ago

why is rrw getting disagrees, theres another article saying SONY will have a psp series for ps3 so you can play them on ps3 and continue ur game on the go, its eexactky what he said,

damn, N4G at night has more ignorant people.

StbI9902706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Because it is supposed to have cross saving? or because you could play it through your psp then ps3 then psp while on vacation then back to ps3 while laid bed?...

Say again about the wii version bound to be better lol? because obviously it is not, only with the fact of cross ssharing saves, portable 3rd win.

Edit, Darkcharizard with 3 bubbles, and obviously using them to downplay sonys enthralling moves, what a surprise eh?

9thGenHero2706d ago

I'd love to hear your argument for that, honestly Monster Hunter Freedom Unite DESTROYS Tri already in scope and content, I don't see how Tri> 3rd...

xAlmostPro2706d ago

It's because according to capcom the budget would be to high to make a ps3 monster hunter. Even though they bring out multiple other titles that are going down hill on the platform..

Anyways, a port allows them to bring the title to ps3 at a low cost.. should still be cool :D i'll buy it, they know its in huge demand for the psp so if loads sell on ps3 it will increase the chances of a new game being made for the console :D (most likely one for the ps3 & ngp)

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Brian52472707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Megaton. I cant even imagine how many units this is going to move in Japan.

DarkCharizard_2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Not too many, since everyone bought the game last year...


Actually, THEY'RE insane if they would buy the whole game again just to see it on a big screen wearing a pair of goofy goggles. I'd say make a whole new game, Cap!

Brian52472707d ago

You're insane if you think fans of the series wouldn't be just as delighted to play this game both at home and on the road.

Ser2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Color me insane!

I would also like for Crapcon to make a completely new Monster Hunter designed specifically for the PS3. But, sooner or later, I must realize that this isn't dreamland.

Etseix2706d ago

Monster Hunter for NGP will certainly have incredible graphics so you people dont complain about being ported or not, i said it first!

9thGenHero2706d ago

This has the potential to outsell the PSP version... You underestimate this Japanese market, don't be an ungrateful gamer, I bet you'll buy the game after all the trash talk :P

zep2706d ago

Actually, THEY'RE insane if they would buy the whole game again

Pokemon series Gotta Catch 'Em All
Street Fighter like 2 and 4 so many versions

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ZombieAssassin2707d ago

Finally a Monster Hunter game on Ps3, just wonder how long we'll have to wait to get it in the states.

TheHater2706d ago

Its disappointed because of the lack of a true "online" feature to the HD remake. Excited that we are finally getting a MH game on the PS3. Hopefully the sales was prompt Capcom to make a true MH game design for the PS3.

Larry L2706d ago

Well Ad-Hoc party pretty much gives you all the basic features you'd need. Including voice chat, which alone is big considering Monster Hunter on PS2, while my favorite online game of all time, had the MAJOR flaw of no voice chat....only text.

Just being able to hunt online again, with a dual shock controller is enough to put a smile on my face. Is it the ideal circumstances? No. But it still makes me happy as a true Monster Hunter fan going back to the original.

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kuge4562706d ago

It will sell in JP,Tri is disappointed.
Even a HD remake will sell better than tri.

No worry,somebody.

wwm0nkey2706d ago

Actually Tri is preferred because most people felt Portable 3rd was a bit too easy. Still sold 4.5m units in Japan but people still think its easy.

Knushwood Butt2706d ago

Judging from the sales, literally millions of people prefer 3rd...

Dir_en_grey2706d ago

wwm0nkey is probably trying to say 2ndG instead of Tri.

Tri was just a testing version for 3rd with no weapons.

But I do agree 3rd is too easy. Knowing capcom they'll do a dlc of 3rdG/HD after they milk 3rdHD though.

wwm0nkey2706d ago

I just hope the beef up the difficultly on this on the PS3 since we have dual analog support now.

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