Game Fixes: Fable III (crashes, freezing, lagging, black screen, etc)

This Lionhead Studios game Fable III is now available to the PC! While it has been on the Xbox 360 for ages, it only was released to PC users in the last couple days.

It's an excellent RPG, but it didn't transfer so well to the PC, as it is a Xbox360 port after all.

That doesn't mean you have to put up with all the problems often littered within ports. We can help you fix these Fable III game problems so that the game runs more natively.

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benderx3526d ago

Assuming you can launch the game and have a computer powerful enough that it should be able to play this game passed 30fps, I recommend trying some of the VSYNC suggestions (i.e. not using the in-game VSYNC and instead using VSYNC through your ATI Catalyst or NVIDIA Control Panel / Center).

Hope it helps!

No_Pantaloons3526d ago

I just started playing this and I'm completely Underwhelmed.

Seriously seems like a step back from fable 1, and they did NOT optimize for pc, the "action" key (E) has to be held for 3 seconds then released to initiate the command, wtf is that,it slows the pace sooooo much.
And so far the story is non-existant, ive a few hours in and they have me running from place to place "learning" to put on clothes and choose a melee weapon, then a ranged weapon, then buy upgrade in some fantasy "road."
I'm so pissed right now, its like a 5 hour tutorial to sorta out their terrible design choices.

Glad to say it hasn't froze or crashed for me even once, it only stopped when I rage quit to go play something more interesting.

benderx3526d ago

There might be some tweaks to try to bypass that annoying 3 second hold button coming out (hopefully). Will let you know if I stumble on it -- assuming you haven't destroyed the game yet haha.

There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings on the game so far. Some people like it, but some don't. I'm of the opinion that those who like it are simply enjoying the graphics (when they aren't BLURRING!) rather than the gameplay so much.

Luck about the crashes! Hopefully you won't get any save file corruption. That happened to one of my friends a bit ago. His Fable III CD is now a coaster for his beers.

Something GameSpot said about Fable 3, and is pretty agreeable -- "Fable III lands on the PC with graphical enhancements and tougher combat, but simplified gameplay and a lack of moral choices still distract from the fun."

midgard2273526d ago

shoulda got the witcher 2

ATiElite3526d ago

I was gonna suggest the same exact thing. I'm sure some PC gamers are fable fans but doing the proper research reveals Fable 3 is a rotten console port of the worse kind!

I feel sorry for those who wasted money on fable 3 instead of buying The Witcher 2.

pixelsword3526d ago

I thought the 360's architecture was similar enough to the PC so things like that didn't happen to ports.

benderx3526d ago

It's definitely more similar than say a PS3 and PC, but the differences are causing some issues and because PC users can have both software and hardware conflict, it definitely makes it less simple to port over still.

For example, there is an over-usage of the BLUR effect to help people ignore the fact that they'll likely be stuck at 30 frames per second (because that's what Xbox 360 has it at I believe). You can tweak it to get by the 30fps and remove some of the blur though.

pixelsword3526d ago

Ah! I'll bubble you under "helpful".


mobijoker3526d ago

Console to pc port is never good.Latest proof is this.This game is just pc unfriendly.

zen5553526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

The real problem here is people trying to game on laptops and 5 year old walmart pcs and expecting top of the line performance. I get an average of 100 fps and over 70 in towns with every setting maxed out and v-sync off. In fact the game looks quite awesome. I haven't had a single crash either. There are definitely some tweaks needed because my cpu usage will jump to 50% at times which is the highest I've seen of any current game. In comparison it hits around 30% in crysis.

This of course is just talking about the performance. I'm only about 4 hours in so the verdict is still out on the game.

i7 950 @3.7ghz gtx570 SC

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