onPause Review: The First Templar

onPause writes:

Aquafina ran an ad a while back saying, "So pure, we promise nothing." While I tuned out the first part, the second half stuck me as very profound, and slightly hilarious. I mention this, because The First Templar was a game that utterly took me by surprise. I had zero preconceptions of what the game was supposed to be. No clue on a storyline or plot. Not even a clue of what the game was supposed to be about or how it played. Which for me, was exactly what I needed. I didn't get caught up in what the game should or shouldn't be compared to, or even any predecessor. I got to enjoy Haemimont Games and Kalypso Media's game in a very pure manner. So, I feel the Aquafina slogan fits really well into my first impressions of how well this game performed for me.

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