Do We Really Need Another Assassin’s Creed in 2011?

William Pansky argues the Assassin's Creed series is becoming oversaturated, do we really need another in 2011?

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2fk3530d ago

nope....also do we need another COD in 2011??

hmmmm....nope =)

LOGICWINS3530d ago

Meh...let it come out, Ubisoft isn't forcing anyone to buy this day one. Just pretend its coming out Fall 2012 and buy it at a discounted price.

alien6263530d ago

We dont need another Assassin Creed but i do love the series and games and story i dont mind another assassin creed this year

ATiElite3530d ago

AC is one of the few Ubisoft titles that actually sale well so it's getting the COD treatment.

and when times really get tough for Ubisoft expect to see Tom Clancy's Assassin Creed or Might and Magic Anno 3040!

showtimefolks3530d ago

that's not the point. the game should get 2 years of development atleast. ubi has done nothing but milk this franchise and if it keeps selling don't worry than we will get one every year till the IP is dead

COD every year and AC every year for next 3-4 years or till both IP's become guitar hero

last year ubi had 12 studios work on AC:BH that's being on strict time limit. take your time come out with new ideas better understand how to use the engine or make a new one

see all the gaming sites praise AC games but when a COD is announced its just another fps

double standards if you ask me

BiggCMan3530d ago

Milk the franchise? There has been 3 games since 2007, and each one of them were very good, and different in their own way.

showtimefolks3530d ago

really different how?

the first was just a ok game so AC2 became really good and made changes that needed to be made but since than its almost the same game with new story

and this would be the 4th game in 4 years do we see other big AAA titles make the same games every year?

its just like COD fans to them its new every year and same goes for uall who love AC game more power to you

but than don't complain about cod or any other franchise that comes out every year

combat is the weakest part of this game and from the looks of it not big changes even this year i read the preview gameinformer

BiggCMan3530d ago

The first game had its problems, everyone knows that. Overall, the game was still very good. The story was good, the fighting I think is done well. The main problems in the first game were the lack of things to do, which lead to repeating all of the same types of missions, as well as leaving the animus way too often. Assassins Creed 2 fixed everything from the first game, and made everything better. There was a decent amount of customization in the game, loads of mission types, a great, and long story. Much more weapons in the game, and different ways to fight etc.. Brotherhood should not have been sold for full price, but was still a great game. It was more like an expansion from 2, which is no problem. Then of course that game added the fantastic multiplayer experience, which is like nothing else I've ever seen before. If you don't like the games, don't buy them, and don't read articles about them, simple as that. They are not milking this franchise, and i'm sure the new game will be just as good.

rabidpancakeburglar3530d ago

No, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want it

QuodEratDemonstrandm3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Same here. If Revelations improves on Brotherhood the way Brotherhood improved on Ac2.... it'll be worth buying.

Rybakov3530d ago

nope but if they finish the plot line I'll let it slide

brotherhood made me mad cause they could have not cut Assassin's creed 2 short and made it into a full game......but it also lead the plot up to it's finally so I let it slide

im just getting sick of ezio

Happythedog3530d ago

Do I need it? No but I know others who do. What I need is FF type zero. I need that game.

Reefskye3530d ago

Soon as they Announced brotherhood I didn't want to play another AC game.

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