Why Football Manager Ruined My Life (And Why I Don’t Care)

In 1992, two dudes (Paul And Oliver Collyer) made a football management sim (in their bedroom) after becoming dismayed with the standard of football management sims of the time. Since then, Football Manager’s (formerly known as Championship Manager) formula and game play has not changed much since. Good thing. To the casual observer, FM (as Football Manager will be known from now on), seems like the most boring game since ‘Mr Boring’s Really Boring Game for Dullards’ was released in 1978. However, this is the reason men have been –

* Late to dinners with their other halves

* Taken sick days from work and university

* Undergone severe mood swings (aka The Man Period)

* Disappeared from the face of the earth for around 3 days (on average). Among many more.

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Iroquois_Pliskin3527d ago

got my ipod confiscated....
playing FM while in class doesnt work

SockMaster3527d ago

Even though this has little relevance to the actual article.

I became ADDCITED to football manager 2007 and one point i was playing from 6pm till 6am it was THAT BAD, luckily i was in my early teens so it didnt matter much. It was my first ever proper PC game purchase and it will always have a place in my heart. The game is like crack cociane i swear! Purchased FM08 and was dissapointed - So many posts on the interenet about "im addicted to football manager" Good times!

MonkJammas3527d ago

I have an exam in two weeks. Football Manager has been uninstalled - it's the only way. "One quick game" somehow turns into an entire season.

@Reason Number 3 - The falling in love with a single player applies to more than just Regens. I love finding a player and then keeping them in my starting 11 for the next 10 seasons. I will also usually find and buy the same player in every game I have.

Jonmau53526d ago

I'm glad you all enjoyed the article. I became addicted to FM in 2005 and I have been hooked since... Finding unknown players who are the next big thing and taking a small team to the big time makes this game addictive and replayable.