10 improvements needed for Football Manager 2012

Megabits of Gaming writes: "Our FM 2011 game discs will once again be whirring into action until the annual update is inevitably released in the next few months. To help out those guys at SEGA and Sports Interactive as they work on the next edition, we've come up with a few suggested improvements..."

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Ibwib2651d ago

I know it's a cliche, but I hoestly think management sims have gone too far. They feel more like work than play now. I can barely find my way around FM08, and I had to study for a week before I could play Cycling Manager.

I honestly think that the trick to reinvigorating the genre is to take a few steps back, make them simpler so that more people can play more easily, then shift the focus to online multiplayer leagues to take advantage of the expanded user base.

Bojeeva2651d ago

No way, FM 2011 was amazing and thoroughly engrossing. It just needs a few tweaks and it would be exceptional. It can also be as complex or simple as you like - getting bogged down with stats and orders, just get your coaches to do all the work!

Ibwib2651d ago

Pah! The pinnacle of the form was Premier Manager 98, with its inexplicable and hilarious belief that Karlheinz Riedle was the greatest player since Pele.

Or maybe I'm just out of touch?

Reiko2651d ago

Football Manager is the best footy management game of all time. Period.