Obsidian: We Would Make Alpha Protocol 2

NowGamer: Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Alpha Protocol developers Obsidian, has said that he would happily make Alpha Protocol 2...

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Croash4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

On the contrary, if they can learn from their mistakes and deliver a game that isn't broken, it would be great.
I haven't played Alpha Protocol, but all I heard about it was that it had an engaging story and a great dialog system, with the rest being average or below.

That's too bad. But if they do make Alpha Protocol 2 someday, I surely hope it won't end up being a Kane 1 Lynch 2 type of sequel.

Therealspy034390d ago

i'm playing it now. and while the controls are annoying, and the gameplay itself is not great; i still feel compelled to keep playing. it has a lot of good qualities too. i would definitely be interested in a sequel.

it's funny, i see some of the most boring, bland games get so much praise on this site. but when a company attempts something ambitious, and they make it multiplatform, people can't wait to slam it.

soundslike4390d ago

I agree, theres always room for redemption, whether or not that is achieved is something else entirely.

I mean, what does anybody gain by being negative saying not to make Alpha Protocol 2? NOTHING. You don't have to play it. Neither do I, if it sucks.

What is there to lose...

DaReapa4390d ago

I was looking forward to getting AP based on its premise, but talks of the bugs and numerous glitches swayed me from getting it. Like you said, if they resolved these issues in a possible sequel, I'd at least keep an eye on it.

FragGen4390d ago

Having bought it used for about $12, I can say AP's a really good $12 game. $60? I'd have been majorly unhappy. If they made an AP2 for $39 debut price or get it up to $60 quality all around, that'd be great because it had some nice ideas.

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GameZenith4390d ago


Why not? See, that is just the problem with the videogame industry today. It is as if when you don't get it right the first time, you're supposed to just give up and move onto something different. What ever happened to learning from your mistakes, listening to feedback, and implementing those improvements the 2nd time through?

Alpha Protocol was a great concept and if the gameplay was better and the story was a bit more deep, Alpha Protocol could have been a 2010 RPG of the Year contender.

The idea of a modern day spy-espionage RPG is a very unique concept and the only thing Obsidian needs to do the 2nd time around is to take in the feedback and not make the mistakes they did the first time.

strange19864390d ago

Big time agree on that one.

thisguywithhair4390d ago

I loved the first game, played through it three times and got a different ending each time.

Biggest complaint I heard about the game (outside of the glitches and bugs) was the stealth system. People wanted to be able to stealth their way through the entire game and not fight a single enemy, so they sunk all their points into making a character who can do just that. They then got stuck on the bosses when their character couldn't even shoot straight due to not having any weapons training. They offered this as proof that the stealth mechanic was broken.

I, on the other hand, built a character that could sneak through every level while at the same time being an expert with a pistol. Had no trouble with any bosses. It is all in how you play the game.

BigKev454390d ago

You do have a good point, GameZenith. Much like Assassins creed. Series got better over time. I just could not even get into the concept of this game mentioned.

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Darkfiber4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

Pretty much this. I honestly have no idea how this studio is still around. They have butchered every IP they have ever worked on, and once they make their own IP, it's a piece of shit that nobody plays or buys. The only reason they make money is by leeching sales off the hard work of other studios who established strong IPs.

Dungeon Seige 3 is a prime example. AS if making it into an 8 hour console action game wasn't bad enough, the co-op (arguably the main reason most people even PLAY dungeon crawlers) is an absolute joke. No experience gain or item collection for anyone but the host of the game? Really? In this day and age? You have got to be kidding me. And the fact that so few people actually know that fact seems like a shady business practice from Obsidian. They know people wont like it and they are purposely being hush about it so people will go out and buy 4 copies amongst their friends and find out what a joke the co-op is first hand. I was about to do the same with 3 of my friends but now none of us will be purchasing it. I'm sure a lot of others wont buy that piece of crap because of that simple mechanic alone.

I wont even get started on the other IPs they have ran into the ground. This studio is a parasite and it needs to be destroyed.

trikster404390d ago

I will never buy another game that Obsidian makes. Fallout: New Vegas was completely buggy, and Alpha Protocol makes me cry because it has so much potential.

All they are is a sequel developer (besides Alpha Protocol). Bioware used to use them, and now Bethesda. Their games are NEVER as good as the ones they are copying.

Sarevok4390d ago

nwn2 was better than nwn to me.

jp334390d ago

Agreed. Especially "Mask of the Betrayer".

Sidewinder-4390d ago

new vegas is buggy cus Bethesda's engine is a pile of shite.

trikster404390d ago

Fallout 3 wasn't as buggy as NV

tack1294390d ago


Absolutely disagree with that, Fallout 3 and New Vegas were equally buggy. Ironically, I found New Vegas more stable than Fallout 3.

Regardless of how you spell it out. The engine still sucks.

Ares844390d ago

After playing Alpha Protocol for 2-2.5hours I had to put it down because it was so boring. I think they should focus their efforts on something else.

Son_Lee4390d ago

Alpha Protocol is one of my favorite games this gen. The game really is brilliant. I would love nothing more than a sequel. It could be a monster success.

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