Brand New CryEngine 3 Fantasy Screenshots of Forged by Chaos Emerged

Here are some brand new CryEngine 3 screenshots. On top: The fantasy area Monkey Rock, that will include in the upcoming online game Forged by Chaos from Panzar Games.From the beginning of the times river TALLA flows from the slopes of KOSH-GASH, carving deep canyon in the limestone rocks and cliffs. Its waters are feeding the waterfalls from nearby streams and creeks. Canyon walls are sometimes swings open to contain wide floods, and then close up by the steep cliffs, forming intricate stone labyrinth.

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ATiElite3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I've been telling my fellow gamers about this game for a while and the german website's screen shots don't do it justice. This game shows lots of cool effects and huge texture detail of the CryEngine 3.