Will Oddworld Creator Make Another Game?

Eurogamer: "Legendary Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning hasn't directly been involved in the development of a video game since 2005 Xbox exclusive Stranger's Wrath.

After the game's launch Lanning shuttered his development studio and relocated to the San Francisco Bay area to focus on television and film.

Will he ever make another game?"

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NukaCola2802d ago

I believe he will. he is now the founder of Oddmobb a new company under OI. Just Add Water is doing some Oddworld projects to include Stranger HD and a complete HD remake of the original Abe's Oddysee in keeping with it's 2.5D and stylish artform. We have only 3 character's revealed in the Quintology and I have every bit of faith that Lorne, Sherry, and new guy Larry (New President) will deliver. Oddworld is a series that has a lot of heart and soul and I for one always keep in good faith that a new Oddworld will come. Stay Odd and in Odd We Trust!

Venox20082802d ago

please, something for 3DS :)

ATiElite2801d ago

I am so flabbergasted right now to realize that NO OddWorld game has been made on the Wii PS3 or 360.

This game would sell very well if done with the same game quality of previous titles. (PC ports sucked but PC Gaming is dead anyways...J/k sarcasm!)

That's what happens when companies only want COD loose great games.

sonicsidewinder2801d ago

*Yo yo yo YO yo yo...*