Video Game Characters Turned into Fruits and Veggies

Gaming and health put together is a fun marriage in itself for getting healthy in a fun way, but seeing your favorite video game characters transformed into fruits and vegetables is a whole other story. Here’s this week’s video game characters turned into fruits and eggies.

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Venomousfatman1344d ago

Gotta always have your fruits and veggies. They are important, just like good characters in games are. LoL.

TheSuperior 1344d ago

Very true, why not mix the two together! :D haha

TheSuperior 1344d ago

I love these posts! They are so funny and cool. makes me want to eat some fruit for some reason x)


Glad you like the posts Master Melon.

TheSuperior 1344d ago

hahahaha that's classic really made me smile hahaha :)

LightDiego1344d ago

Fruits and veggies are bad for your health, too much pesticide, would never eat that.


Scorpion or should i say CorNpion one?

PoSTedUP1344d ago


you should have Toad on their next. and just put him there, as Toad..

i would like to see daxter as a hot chile pepper as well. a human turned into a weezel turned into a pepper, thats gotta suck.

oh and do laracroft: two cantalopes. (was that accurate, err, i mean sexist?) ok fine, put them on her butt.

princess peach, you gotta do princess peach. obviously as a strawberry.

what would you have bowser as?