Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts Review | Honestly, I Wouldn’t Bother -

Dealspwn reviews Fallout: New Vegas' latest expansion pack - and finds it wanting.

Dealspwn writes: "Honest Hearts feels made to order: an expansion pack that’s simply designed for the sake of making a little extra cash. Fans will relish the opportunity to leap back into wasteland, but considering the lack of rewards and lacklustre quests, I simply can’t recommend it. If you’re starting a new playthrough or favour the survival skill, Honest Hearts might be worth checking out. If you can play it without having to wait for the patch, that is."

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zeal0us2733d ago

is it me out do it feel like the expansions from fallout 3 did/seem to did better than fallout new vegas?

Eiffel2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It's not just you, a lot of us feel that way.

Fallout 3's DLC had different variety.

You went into a Simulation, Raider's City, Swampy horror themed Maryland, Finished off the Enclave, Went into space and fought aliens.

Fallout3's DLC was just an absolute blast.

Blues Cowboy2732d ago

That's right: and most importantly of all, it had Broken Steel that blew the experience wide open!

FNV desperately needs the Broken Steel-style post-game exploration and massive new plotline, especially considering the plenty of loose ends. After all, the Legion aren't just going to go away.