Important Importables: Cave Story

Gamertell has posted its weekly Important Importables column which focuses on notable importable games and game-related products.

This week's Important Importables focuses on the game Cave Story.

From the article:

"For an indie, Japanese computer game that’s seven years old, Cave Story has carved quite a place for itself in the hearts of gamers. If you try it, it’s easy to see why. The solid story, gameplay and quality of even the original release are what makes it such a memorable adventure. While the basic fundamentals are relatively simple, there are plenty of secrets that make the original worth playing. Meanwhile, the more modern adaptations also have their own little hallmarks that have helped endear this surprising game to a new audience."

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lizard812883534d ago

Cave Story 3D is a must get for me. I loved the 1st one and can't wait for this awesome remake.