IGN: DIRT 3 Review

In Dirt 3 a few scratches tarnish an otherwise impeccable product. It’s a superb racing experience and shouldn’t be missed. While the agent isn’t the best leader through the tour, and the garage is limited in its operation, the solid gameplay, variety of tracks and events, and overall fun factor make this a terrific game.

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rabidpancakeburglar2708d ago

I've still yet to try out dirt 2 even though my brother has it but I might actually get this

Obelisk922708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Aaaaaaaand here's another one! 8.5!

I'm starting to think IGN's keyboards have only the numbers 5 and 8 remaining, for some reasons. Since 5.8 is too low, they decided to give every game an 8.5.

That would explain everything.

RockmasteR2708d ago

Dirt 3 is more focused on Rally

Big_Dom2708d ago

Which is why I take IGN's review with a pinch of salt. More Rally, less Americanized extreme bullshit that was in the previous Dirt's = good news.

MGRogue20172708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Well, It's definitely better than DiRT 2 in terms of variety imo.

eldeladi2708d ago

Since they gave 8.5 for GT5 and Killzone 3, I noticed thaty have been more conservative with their scores. This to help them gain some credibility back

Big_Dom2708d ago

You're saying that like 8.5 is an atrocious score.

eldeladi2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

No, What I'm saying is that I haven't seen as many 9s thrown around as before and that games in the same genres as those sony exclusives have been getting similar scores, namely 8.5.
PS: I played Dirt2 a lot more than GT5 with the G27, I just love the fun factor of Rally in Dirt2.

LiamIRL822708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Ign is obsessed with giving games an 8.5! Am really looking forward to this & especially the Kenya & Sweden stages, they look really nice. Go Codemasters!

eldeladi2708d ago

Mentally, people have to adjust to IGN's new unspoken scoring system. there is this invisible cap of 8.5 for great games that you should check out if you can afford them. It applies to sequels that are expected to be just as great as their predecessors.
In a way, it makes sense. Anything below an 8.5 like an 8.0 is regarded less favorable. God forbid you get a 7.9 because that would stigmatize you as a rental game only.
They basically reserve that 9 for a great title, with a great story with a minimum of 8 hours (5 for COD) that has to have good online play, and no glitches that they can dwell on.
Oh a 10? you probably won't hear of another 10 until the next generation.
Here is my speculation on IGN scores for upcoming titles:
Infamous 2: 8.9 (A lot of improvement from the first, online, mission creation, uncharted like graphics)
GoW3: 8.5 (can't beat killzone 3)
Resistance 3: 8.5 ()
Uncharted 3: 9.2 (I think it deserves more than 9.6 personally)
last Guardian: 8.6 (epic story, but no online)
Duke nukem: 8.5
Deus ex 3: 8.5
Rage: 9 (ID software)
COD MW3: 9
battlefield 3: 8.5 (even though it will be soo much better than COD MW3)

LiamIRL822708d ago

You're wasted here on N4G. Insightful!

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