What a decade did to WipEout - videos

CVG run the lush WipEout HD next to the classic WipEout 2097. Feel the nostalgia...

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Hapimeses4014d ago

Man, I loved 2097. Me and my mates played it /so/ much. If only my wife hadn't been better than me at it, it would have been the perfect game.


I'm very much looking forward to WipeOut on my PS3, but not as much as my wife; she plays it on PSP all the time.

Kleptic4014d ago

I believe that was WipEout XL, unless 2097 had that exact same track also...didn't play much of 2097, but still own XL....

that video did nothing to justify the newer WipEout HD...and the new game better have some more track diversity than that boring looking thing...but with the track magnet stuff and new weapons, I am sure it will be a really fun game...can't wait for the online also...

Biphter4014d ago

Just different regions.

In USA and Japan it was known as Wipeout XL, In Europe it was Wipeout 2097. Probably the best version made in my opinion, after this most of the original developers left and formed curly monsters.