Five Racing Game Franchises That Need a Revival

From the carnage of Burnout to the underground street racing culture of Midnight Club, Nexus Hub explores five racing game franchises that are in need of a revival today.

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Terry_B128d ago

I agree absolutely with Ridge Racer, but would prefer what Namco did with Ridge Racers on the PSP. Basically pull Ridge Racer 1-5 together, make it all about drifting and create new tracks with the same oldskool Arcade Feel. Wipeout however? Redout and Ballistic NG replaced it for me. I miss Rock N Roll Racing in this list

darthv72128d ago

RR 6 & 7 were both good on the 7th gen but it is surprising there wasnt an 8th gen RR8. Ace Combat got a release on 8th gen but not RR of all things (unless you count the stripped down vita version).

I'd love to see the return of PGR and Tokyo Extreme Racer.

Terry_B128d ago

Yeah..PGR was awesome...RIP Bizarre Creations

CYALTR128d ago

I would love to see Rockstar put another Midnight Club out. I remember that game fondly, the customization was top notch at the time. It had a nice arcady feel to the driving, but looking at the cars was the main point.

DnBSkillZ128d ago

I need a new Juiced game

xPAULIEx128d ago

Wreckfest is solid and a good alternative to Destruction Derby.

Gardenia128d ago

It's a good game, but nothing like Destruction Derby.

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The story is too old to be commented.