FIFA 12: Leaked Video writes: "Somewhat hilariously timed, it looks like some parts of the webcast have been leaked."

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ilkercruiser3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Thanks for summarizing the PES series.

Baka-akaB3531d ago

sure , when you dont play it

F4sterTh4nFTL3531d ago

They might have changed 1 or 2 major things but it basically stays the same game every year, just a roster update and 1 new meaningless mode that nobody really cares about.

Trunkz Jr3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

lol @ people complaining about minor changes. Most sport games ALL do the SAME thing, this hasn't changed since they became very popular in the SNES era (example, FIFA, Madden, NHL) even WWE does it and its not a sport.

Michael-Jackson3531d ago

Dis-agreers are from Europe.

Anarki3531d ago

I agreed and am from the uk. Fifa sucks, it's the same game spewed out every year.

Hanif-8763531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I wasn't gonna buy Fifa 12 because i thought that football sims couldn't be much better than FIFA 11 and how wrong was i after seeing this footage. The Impact animation system makes the animations look much more realistic. Everytime PES closes in on FIFA the FIFA devs just widens the gap even more.

Vherostar3531d ago

FIFA is practically the same game every year people only buy it for new updated teams not the crap they bang on about with each new game as they seem to play exactly the same every year. I bet if they released updated players for download for previous games they would have trouble shifting new games. As for PES... Without proper licensing it will never surpass FIFA. Trust me that's the biggest complaint I hear of real people, not fanboys..

Big_Dom3531d ago

Sorry, but you're an absolute fucking muppet for saying that. A clueless one at that. Go play Fifa 07 and then play Fifa 11 and then come back on here and honestly try to write the same tripe you just wrote.

Big_Dom3531d ago

Did you even watch that video? How can you even say it's the same game? Fucking look at it! Look what they are indroducing. Minor changes? These are all game changers. Stuff you've NEVER seen in a football game, ever. Eejits like yourself do my head in. If it were the same game and they were adding nothing to it, it would be Fifa 07 when they first built the new engine, and it was shit.

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TruthBTold3531d ago

Looking good. I can't wait. Movements are more realistic so it will add more challenge to the game. I hope we get new soundtracks though :op

TeaRunner3531d ago

it's always a new soundtrack.

I think it's fine that they give out a game each year. As long as they improve the game each year. The improvements this year looks great, with realistic tackling, shielding while dribbling and recurring injuries. Cant wait!

For some people FIFA is the only game they own on console and the only game they buy each year. So giving it out each year makes sense.

TruthBTold3531d ago

Lol I know the soundtrack changes. Its just funny they used the 2011 for this video. To me even if the improvements are very few it still is the best game to have every year. Its the only game I play almost on a daily basis so having an updated game every year is a good choice for me. I guess only those obsessed footie fans look forward to fifa and pes every year :o)I love football so pes and fifa are must haves as they each havetheir pros and cons but they are fun.

TheSandman3531d ago

Just an update, not worth £40 every year.

zackacloud3531d ago

FIFA best annual game in the world and keep the fun

unlike other annual games that only show improve in fail

LesterCorncrake3531d ago

Not real*** TORRES wearing liverpool away strip from previous season and hes now at chelsea

Vherostar3531d ago

To be fair when they making the game they use current players at the time of making and then near the end of development they will bother with putting the correct players in the correct teams. Even so I agree with above its basically and update they promise all these new features every year but the only real new feature in recent years is ultimate team which is ruled by the pros if your an average gamer at football games you won't be able to build a decent team.

RuffRyder3531d ago

Why dont you try watching the video again with your eyes open this time!!

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