Playr: DiRT 3 video review

Playr has released a video review of Codemasters' forthcoming racer, DiRT 3.

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retrofly2709d ago

But is it enough of an improvment over dirt 2? I really enjoy the rally stages, so that could be enough to sway me.

Crazyglues2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Yeah this is great and all but what about Grid 2, Grid was one of my favorite racing games... are they even working on GRID 2 what's happening with that game?

--Back on Topic-- yeah Dirt 3 looks good, which just makes me wish we could get some news on GRID 2.. It Does look like they went back in and improved on everything... Looks really good


IRetrouk2709d ago

i cant wait to get stuck into this game, we have been spoilt for choice this gen with racers, my fav game type, woot woot.