MW3 “Leak” Was A PR Stunt

Sarcastic Gamer's legal team examines the so-called MW3 leak and builds a case that it was all a PR stunt.

From the editorial: "Gamers aren’t as dumb as most people think. Call of Duty fans may mindlessly buy each iteration of the franchise, but, I’d bet that a good majority know their Treyarch vs. Infinity Ward CoD game. I also don’t think it’s a stretch to think that gaming companies manufacture buzz for their products with fake leaks of information.

Last week, Kotaku broke open MW3 in many, many ways, from the multiplayer to the actual story. Many, many people cried foul at Kotaku for spoiling the game and potentially costing people jobs with posts that, for the most part, are the only things on their site that actually resemble journalism. They claimed they had a “source” leak the information of virtually every detail of the game."

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Uncharted3Goty3531d ago

of course think about it Battlefield was getting hyped so much People forget about Mw3 and then they release all these information Teaser trailers.

qface643531d ago

that makes no sense what would have been the difference in just releasing the trailers...

soundslike3531d ago

Of course theres a difference. More people will watch something if it has internet buzz about it, or just generally seeing something "they are not supposed to see"

Like a little kid that goes to a friends house to watch rated R movies and thinks they are amazing...but they are just straight to video trash with Val Kilmer or Van Damme

StanLee3531d ago

I don't think the leak was orchestrated. If it was, it was a piss poor job. I think as Activision were getting closer to planning their marketing campaign for the game which was to launch on May 23rd, more people out side of the studio got hold of gaming assets and leaked them. The leaked definitely came from inside Activision but I don't think it was planned by Activision or the studios making the game.

chriski3333531d ago

see i told u it was hype train is boarded and already rolling

Urmomlol3531d ago

The people at Sarcastic Gamer have to be complete effing morons if they really think that Activision threw away their ace in the hole for E3 by spoiling everything right before the biggest gaming show in the planet.

Seriously, SG writes tons and tons of stupid crap, but this takes the cake.

GameZenith3531d ago

Get over yourself, seriously....

-Mezzo-3531d ago

Do not speak unless you are well informed, Activion at their conference confirmed it will be revealed before E3.

I have never in my life seen a more detailed leak, this by all means was a strategic leak, to get everyones attention solely on their title.

GameZenith3531d ago

Not to mention that shortly after the link, the MW3 pre-orders and Gamestop advertising officially began.

LGFreedom3531d ago

Get a clue Urmomlol, the press just saw everything on Tuesday 5/17. What are you talking about "E3 ace in the hole". You have no idea what you're talking about.

scrubgamer3531d ago

urmomlol is filled with uneducated comments. The only one that writes tons and tons of stupid crap is you.

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CoD5113531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Eh, if it was a PR stunt then they did a shite job, because it's really put me off MW3, those leaked screenshots were fairly bad...

"Coincidence? Kotaku just happened upon that leak three days before pre-orders went live? You expect me to believe that those trailers WEREN’T going to be released on that day?"

Errr, if there was a massive leak of my game, I'd rush to officially announce my game and release teaser trailers I'd previously planned, even if not for that exact date. Leaking the entire story wouldn't be a good idea in my books either, unless of course it's fake, Activision are just creating hype and there will be a completely different story ingame, right?! Right...

ATiElite3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

1. Bobby Kotick is so annoyed by all the BF3 hype that he stops swimming in gold coins and sends out an Email.

2. Bobby's email contains pictures of him smiling while swimming in gold coins and says " I'm sick of this BF3 crap, do we have anything on MW3 ready".

3. The Devs reply back "NO! We haven't started it yet" (too busy buying Ferrari to even care) but they do have some early draft concept art.

4. So Bobby puts it up online to get some free press just in time for the New Black Ops Escalation map pack. Wow how convenient.

5. MW3 is back on N4G, Bobby is happy and swimming, and everyone at Activision drives either a Porsche or a Ferrari.

end of story!

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