Shepard: Out Of The Closet And Into…?

Gameblurb: "Earlier in the week a tweet from Mass Effect’s executive producer, Casey Hudson, revealed that there would be same-sex options for love interests in the third installment of BioWare’s epic space opera. Needless to say, my curiosity was thoroughly aroused (yeah, that’s how we’re doing this thing), and I found myself having a hard time trying to wrap my head around why they would go and add this feature to the series at this point"

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RahatR2708d ago

I don't really find the whole being gay thing an issue and I really have to see how it plays out in the game to understand, but nontheless there are some good points there.

Neckbear2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Problem is that now if you even get close to another male character they'll long for your cock, instead of, you know, friendship and that sort of thing.

I want to play Mass Effect, not "Homosexual Realization: The Space Adventure" to please faggots and the writers' sexual tendencies. It's a big budget game, not a goddamn fanfiction.

RahatR2708d ago

Bubble vote for you just because you've made me laugh out loud.

qface642708d ago

that is actually the main problem i have with this garrus was mah boi in ME2 i would talk to him all the time although 70% of the time he was in the middle of calibrations

anyways in ME the characters always get into you just from talking to then allot i talked to EVERYONE allot i don't want garrus being attracted to my shepard T^T he wont be mah boi anymore

AfricanWoolf2708d ago

Although you could be less offensive about it, I agree.

I'm all for catering to minorities, but that kinda the point; they're minorities. If you alienate the majority its equally if not more unfair.

Companions hitting on me is going to ruin their characters and my experience of the game. In reality, how many times a day do you get hit on by a guy? What's that? Almost never? Exactly.

It's not realism if every guy who sees you tries to lick your abs, its just oversexed bullshit.

TheTwelve2707d ago

They are not a minority, AfricaanWoolf. They are a sexual orientation.

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MariaHelFutura2708d ago

Shepard: Out Of The Closet And Into......"Satan`s Alley"


Gordo7892708d ago

I don't think gay Shepard is an issue either really, but it seems like a character's sexuality is a big thing to just toss up into the air at this point in the story.

junk3d2708d ago

I agree considering he was pretty much straight before that...well at least mine was.

Warprincess1162708d ago

I still haven't played Mass Effect but this is great. First DA2 and now this. Im glad they are making the game more realistic by having shepard be gay.

qface642708d ago

now that you mention it DA2 sucked.. coincidence? hmmm i wonder...

Blacklash932708d ago

Because that's totally what ruined DA2.


qface642707d ago

your the idiot who can't take a joke DUUUR

AfricanWoolf2708d ago

How is realism attached to being gay? Although there are many gay people in the world, there are still vastly more heterosexuals.

"Realistic" would be having Shepard make platonic friends with guys he likes while hitting on chicks.

I don't think its unfair of me to say that Garrus hitting on me while I try to have a normal conversation with him is the opposite of helpful and will make me stop talking to him.

There should just be an option at the beginning, although I think we're starting to lose the point here.

mananimal2707d ago

More Perverted is what it is, Realism? Lol, they could find alot of things Socially more exceptable to put into there games to ADD REALISM. This is an attempt to pervert the public into excepting things they normally would want no part of. I don't hate gays, but I don't play ME and other games to be hit on by Homosexuals. This is a Deal Breaker for me for sure, oh well, there will be other Developers/Publishers who wont make the same mistake with there games, Hopefully.

1Victor2708d ago

hey have you see a six vaginas alien with fangs on it? that is enough trauma to send any straight man running not only out of the closet but the planet as well.

mananimal2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I will take a wait and see approach, Im leaning towards not buying this game, I don't care, i see whats going on here. Its a Political statement Bioware/EA are trying to inject here, this series doesnt get anymore sells, buy including this option, so that can be the only reason. And since Bioware/EA are going out of there way to attempt to offend me, I wont play it, simple. LOL, I dont need to see how a fictional story ends, it doesnt matter, its a game. PRINCIPAL OVER PLEASURE 10 out of 10 times, try me Bioware/EA and see what happens. Ive saved boat loads of $$$$ this generation, by simply refusing to COMPROMISE,and play along with these LIARS, and this game will be treated NO DIFFERENT. The Sheeple? well we know what there gonna do, be SHEEP.