Blu-ray Demoed

The PlayStation 3 went playable in Japan today for the first time ever. Sort of. Sony and its cronies at the Blu-ray Disc Association held a press conference in Tokyo today, giving the press a chance to try out playback and recording devices for the new format. Included in the mix of hardware from Sony, Matsushita, Hitachi and Pioneer was Sony's PlayStation 3.

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achira5871d ago

i want to play the ps3 tooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

CAPS LOCK5871d ago

they are finally promoting blu ray to japan. they should do this in the US everyone is rich there.

bernie5870d ago

They found a Bluray drive that worked for longer than 20 Minutes. :)

jedicurt5870d ago

It only took 3 comments before some xboxstitute to make a stupid comment involving the article

FKN Unbelievable5870d ago

The Future of gaming. If Wii allows motioning through controllers for next-gen Then Controlling Blu-Ray movies is next-gen Compare to playing them. Our Focus is Movie Buffs not gamers.

My Career is so Over.

Ken Kutaragi5870d ago

Dont talk like that Kaz, blue ray will be the future...just like the new beta max was. Kaz you will always be employed by no worrys.

-Barbie Ken