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New Game Network: "Coming to us from Splash Damage, the developers of the much-beloved Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink is a class-based FPS that blends the archetypal shooter class types with heavily objective-based multiplayer gameplay and unique first-person traversal. Since it was first teased almost two full years ago at E3 2009, Brink has seen both its fair share of hype and delays, originally being slated for Spring of 2010 but eventually being pushed back to the Fall and then finally the Spring of 2011. Normally, when a game sees many delays it isn’t a good sign. It means that things are going a bit wrong, aspects still need to be tweaked, or bugs need to be fixed. So does Brink live up to the hype it has received over the past two years, or is it just another example of how the oft-delayed game still comes out a bit half-baked?"

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