MEGamers: Asphalt 3D Review

MEGamers: "The 3DS’s launch lineup has not been that great. Only a couple of titles really drew people in while most of the games didn’t really make people feel the NEED to get a 3DS. One of the games launched for the system is Asphalt 3D, a port of Asphalt 6 an arcade like racing game on portable platforms. Asphalt 3D tries to provide a fun and engaging experience similar to the burnout series but completely fails to deliver due to serious frame rate issues combined with very dry gameplay.

If you have played anything from Burnout to Split/Second you will find yourself very familiar with Asphalt 3D. The game focuses on appealing to people that are looking for a fast past arcade-like game away from sim racing games. The main career mode is set in a series of cups you need to complete one by one. Each cup has 4 stages that you need to finish in any order in order to proceed to the next cup."

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