Bioshock images

Irrational Games and 2K Games released these new images of Bioshock, as always awesome looking.

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PS360PCROCKS5874d ago

Oh wow those are pretty sweet...anyone going to buy saints row today?

Marriot VP5874d ago

I am so tempted the game's getting 9.6, 9.4 reviews

xXbebofisherXx5874d ago

the 360 and PC games are starting to just look way to amazing. this like many other game that will be out for PC and 360 or exclusives will look just aww-inspiring. crysis is a great example of the best looking game ever graphically. next gen consoles and PC are just going to keep bringing the best experience day after day.

if i like GTA i would buy saints row becuase its better than GTA but i just dont like the point in those kinds of games. im not against them play ne game you want. its not my taste of gangs and stuff im more of a FPS or mindless hack and slash kinda guy. ill play anything once it doesnt hurt to try. but saints row and GTA i just cant play they dont appeal to me. if you like the GTA series this game is much better by far. so much more you can do and stuff but it just doesnt rub me the right way. lmao.

JIN KAZAMA 1875874d ago

for this game on the PS3, its gonna rock

Anerythristic265874d ago

Stick a fork in the PS3. Sorry.

Microsoft Master5874d ago

It's an exclusive 360 game dumbass kazama.

TheMART5874d ago

Too bad Jim

This is a simple


But Assassins Creed will be on 360 though hahaha

LuminousAphid5874d ago

why would the ps3 version look any better when those are probably screens from the pc version on highest settings? PC's are already advancing past the next-gen consoles, especially with dx10 coming (and I'm not a PC fanboy, I don't even have a gaming PC, it's just the truth)