The Witcher 2: Beat the Penitent Monk, Get a GOG Discount

Have you managed to beat the penitent monk at dice in the basement of the Flotsam Inn yet, but are wondering what all this in-game talk of digging through the "Extras" for your "prize" is all about?

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rrquinta3531d ago

Cool. I haven't bought Witcher 2 yet because I still have to finish the first one, lol. I'm also hoping maybe they'll do like the first one and offer a non-DRM (or at least better DRM) retail version, as I do prefer hardcopies for large games like this one.

BakedGoods3531d ago

As far as I know, the retail version has DRM but you can install it on an unlimited number of machines.

Witcher 2 is the RPG of the decade, btw.

joydestroy3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

uhhh = DRM free buddy

edit: oh retail version...iunno. digital is good for me. a game i'll want to keep in my PC collection for sure.

Christopher3531d ago

I've beaten him, but get the statement that I'm not worthy of the "artifact".

Vecta3531d ago

I believe you have to get a 4 of a kind or something similar in one roll

pr0digyZA3530d ago

Took me 8 tries when I started, this article wasn't up yet so I had no idea what he was talking about.