Hellgate: London Returns, Sneak Peek Trailers

It's time to uninstall the VPN client, as HanbitSoft and T3Fun have announced plans to bring Hellgate: London back to North America (in English!) later this year. There's even a press release (locking down a beta testing period that starts on June 3rd), a teaser website, a cinematic trailer, and two gameplay trailers to prove it.

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yamzilla3528d ago

Sweet, cannot wait, loved the first game, it did lack variety but what a beautiful game. In dx10 maxed out it ran butter smooth 60 frames, and made games like fallout look like they were crafted by brain damaged monkeys!

Had a very very Diablo-esq feel, kool weapons, awesome loot, just suffered a bit from repitition, do yourself a favor and when this launches f2p, check it out!


newn4gguy3528d ago

Can we PLEASE get a console version?!?