LA Noire Comparison: Which one looks better?

GB: "Yesterday we presented to you some awesome direct feed screenshots from the PS3 version of LA Noire. Today we bring to you a feature where we have compared the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, courtesy once again by our user Rahul. As you can see from the gallery below, the PS3 version have better textures and have a ‘smooth’ feel to them. The difference is much more imminent when the screens are compared up close."

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RahatR2802d ago

Wow here, they look very identical.

joydestroy2802d ago

yeah they're really close. in the LOT comparison i noticed that the 360 was either missing shadows or the shadows weren't as accurate as it's PS3 counterpart.

but, i also saw one screen where the PS3 had muddy textures compared to the 360 one. it was the photo of the floor with the rug if i remember correctly.

Raendom2802d ago

Your comment is like : They're identical. But they're not.

bestofthebest2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

yea I saw that picture also of the rug and it was surprising. It almost looks like when they took the screenshot the textures where not yet loaded. Really weird, I know that was taken during the beginning of the game so I'm going to check it on my second playthou

joydestroy2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

not once did i ever say "they're identical" or "but they're not".

certainly not what i was implying, either.
the differences are very minor.

doesn't matter to me, though. The Witcher 2 was worth me dropping my money on over this =P

edit: also, i was being specific on the differences i personally saw

Pixel_Enemy2802d ago

It's clear which one is better... The one with exclusive content and comes on one disk instead of 3...

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lil Titan2801d ago

Don't care if there identical or not at this point I like the version of the game that dosnt want me to change disc

Xof2802d ago

As someone who has played multiple games on multiple platforms (as in copies of the same game on PS3, 360 and PC) I can say with EXTREME CONVICTION that barring a few very extreme examples (like Bayonetta) the differences between 360 and PS3 multiplats are virtually indiscernable. With still shots, you have to work hard to spot any difference: with the game in motion, you don't even have time for that.

The only time a game ever looks noticeably better on one platform than another is when one of those platforms is a PC.

Tigerfist2802d ago

That pretty much sums it up.

Megaton2802d ago

Agreed, that's why I generally don't take these seriously. Most of the issues you see here in these comparisons don't actually seem to exist when the game is on my TV, even if you try searching for them. One might be lead to believe Ghostbusters PS3 was running on a PS1 engine if they paid too much attention to comparisons. In reality, the game was fine from start to finish. It didn't look like anything spectacular on either console.

phantomexe2802d ago

I payed cash for ghostbuster...i got burnt. sorry off subject

mastiffchild2802d ago

Yeah, been saying the same for ages but the fact that sites like DF and LoT DEPEND on finding differences means fanboys will always get their dubious ammo from them.

The worst three PS3 ports I can recall off the bat are Bayonetta, tOB and the bizarre case of the PS3 led Ghostbusters. Those apart I'd say the devs have always got it spot on(well, there's the odd FF13 fly in the ointment but that's a space/disc issue in any case)as they AIM for p[arity and the tiny differences detected would never be noticed if you played the games as gamers anyway.

The most damning thing is, to me, apart from tOB I can't recall a game being bad enough on PS3 for me to change from my DS3 controller of choice and go on 360 for a multiplat. Even the Bayonetta case by Sega which had SO much press was OK on the PS3. Totally playable and the only issues I really noticed were a lot of long loads and a few, weird instances of slowdown-which seemed to happen when the screen wasn't all that busy. Then they patched it and the loads got shorter and the slowdown went completely for me. So, even when there's a proper difference it's VERY rare that it's enough to override a real issue like where your mates are or controller preference.

Seriously, ?I can only recall ONE time when I felt the quality of a PS3 version was a big enough issue for me to change my normal choices. Still, we get these comparisons al;l the time which make mountains out of molehills when none of the MP devs are even TRYING to make the PS3 or 360 burst with effort to begin with. Thy aim to make the two versions as close as possible rather than as GOOD as possible. Fact. As a result the differences are tiny and only ever show that a dev didn't quite pull off their primary quality aim.

starchild2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Of course you would say that, you are a PS3 fanboy and by your own admission always play multiplats on your PS3. It's no wonder then that you would want to believe that you aren't missing out on anything.

I play most of my multiplats on the PC and they are demonstrably superior to the console versions, but I have still been able to easily notice some differences between the console versions.

Then again, I've noticed that many console gamers aren't very perceptive or demanding. So you might be right, some console gamers would probably be happy with any old crap.

What you don't seem to realize is that these comparisons aren't for people like you who are wedded to one platform, they are for people that own multiple platforms and honestly don't care what platform they play a game on.

This game, however, is one of the extremely close cases. Since no PC version is available I will get it for the PS3 since it has some kind of extra content.

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T-K47x2802d ago

At the end of the day they both play and feel the same and thats all I could care about, the game is absolutely amazing enough said.

lelo2play2802d ago

My version looks better then yours :)

paintsville2802d ago

360 version looks much better here. Muddy textures of the ps3 version are due to the Ram Deficeit as comparted to xbox.

cooperdnizzle2802d ago

What pics where you looking at, They look almost identical. Fanboy. Some pics look better on ps3 and some look better on 360. So i would say they both have there strong points. And that it would pretty much be the same game for both systems

lelo2play2802d ago

LOL... how can people disagree with me... they don't know witch version I have.

baodeus2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

so how do u know your version isn't the same as my version? If it is the same, how can you say your versions is better than mine?

I think you need to clarify it first. :D

IPUMPMYGUN2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Is this the 10th comparison article for today? Not to mention. I can alter images on Adobe Photoshop as well, so comparing screen shots are useless.

RudeSole Devil2802d ago

I agree give a video please. BTW PS3 textures look worse in every outdoor area. WTF is this dumb site saying?

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