Diehard GameFAN: Dream Trigger 3D Review

Dream Trigger 3D is an ambitious title, both conceptually and mechanically, that makes good use of the 3DS technology all the way around, and while it’s not without flaw, it’s worth checking out all the same. There’s a solid amount of modes of play available to fool around with, the game looks and sounds great in all respects, and the 3D tech on display is fun and mostly well implemented. The gameplay is rather involved and makes good use of the 3DS, asking the player to use the analog stick, touch screen, and dual screens simultaneously to succeed, and there’s enough content to the game all in all to make it fun and interesting for a while. However, the game takes some notable amount of time to get used to, mechanically, as the controls are somewhat complex to really understand and succeed with, and there’s not as much to the game as one would hope, as things like online functionality and StreetPass aren’t implemented in any notable fashion.

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