Hitman Absolution: 10 Things We Want to See

GB: "The Hitman series has been out of action for some time. The last entry, Blood Money, saw a release in 2006, and even then it was only ported to our modern generation of consoles. The first Hitman in six years and the first Hitman game specifically designed for our current generation of consoles, Absolution, has a lot of expectation to deal with. "

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PhilipLarkin2708d ago

I wanna see a bald man kill some people. Job done.

nopunctuation2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

As long as we have jesper kyd on the music track then this game will be great. That muisc just sets such a good tone

reznik_zerosum2708d ago

jesper kid FTW...(and btw i liked IO Interactive Kane And Lunch Dog Days)

Der_Kommandant2708d ago

I just want to stay true to it's roots

Hellsvacancy2708d ago

So do but i gotta feelin that wont happen


soundslike2708d ago

Absolution is *literally* related to conviction.

Although it means being freed from accusation/conviction, which could mean that it is NOT going to be watered down like SC:C was, but then again...

...these producers did sit around with a thesaurus and dictionary looking for something related to the super-hip "CONVICTION" from the looks of it.