ArmA 3 announced

New Game Network: "Bohemia Interactive, the independent Czech development studio, is pleased to announce the development of Arma 3, the brand new installment in its series of critically acclaimed realistic military simulators."

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chak_3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Damn, that'll be heavy again. damn you arma !

PC will strubble again

fatalred alarm3530d ago

Yes we might have to upgrade, but it will be worth it as long as it's a great game.

hopefully less bugs and glitches though.

BeastlyRig3530d ago

Holy crap no console version? It will be amazing now!!

chak_3530d ago

arma never had console version.

BeastlyRig3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Yeah I know It's just that most devs start making multiplat games even stalker 2 is coming to consoles! But as long as it's pc lead plat than who cares!

chak_3530d ago

I'm confident in GDC, they won't dumb it down.

They can't.

can they? :(

Johandevries3530d ago

It wasn't dumbed down in Metro, as long as PC is the lead platform with the lead engine, there is nothing to worry about. I do worry about the possibility that GSC is using Cry Engine 3 (referring to some rumours last year) which would pave the way for consolization beyond imagination

Johandevries3530d ago

The setting does not seem that original... reminds me of ArmA 1, they should have taken some African setting or something