Amazon $10-$20 Video Game Credit List (updated 5/19)

"Amazon has recently added a number of upcoming titles to their $10-$20 video game credit promo.

In addition, they are offering Release Day Delivery for only $0.99 on most of these titles!

Here is the updated $10-$20 Amazon Credit list:"

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THWIP713532d ago

...I'll pre-order F3AR and Green Lantern, just for the $40.00 in pre-order bonusus, then "return" them to Wal-Mart or Target, for gift cards. I've done it before, and have been waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of again. This looks to be it. :D

Peppino73532d ago

they started requiring receipts at walmart by me :(

THWIP713531d ago've been playing the game too, I see. :D There's always a way, dude. I've been "banned" from returning things at several WallyWorlds over the years. The great thing is...there's always plenty more to choose from, and Targets, K-Marts, etc.

RockmanII73532d ago

I hope Sonic Generations gets added to the list before it comes out.

3532d ago
Minimox163531d ago


Why they are giving 20$ credit for LA Noire now T_T I pre order it and only get 10 :'(