Top 5 Best Free Stuff on PSN

"Here is a list complied of the top five best free stuff of the PlayStation Network. This article was provided to us by an early glimpse at June's PlayStation Magazine. Videos after break."

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DA_SHREDDER2711d ago

I think MAG is a steal for something that you can play for free. Sure you can only level up to level 8 for free, but thats what makes you end up wanting to buy the download version. You would think considering how good it is people would be flocking to it? But I guess people don't like playing quality games that are free? Sounds sorta absurd but its true.

Emilio_Estevez2711d ago

That's def not the best top 5 at all! MAG certainly deserves a spot, and Pulse is much better than the slam bolt theme. Also, PShome anyone?

EinRobot2711d ago

A three year old could have come up with a better list than that one.

earbus2711d ago

Lady gaga and justin bieber free music videos.