Richard Jacques: Why Does Microsoft Allow Custom Soundtracks?

SPOnG: "Award-winning composer Richard Jacques has lamented the continued support by developers and hardware manufacturers to offer an option to switch off the music in computer games."

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Thrungus3532d ago

Good call Richard Jacques.

Max_Dissatisfaction3532d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha, are you kidding me?? Are you seriously supporting taking away an OPTION from gamers? Let me guess, its because this is kinda painting MS in a bad light that you feel it is worthy of support, am I warm?
Don't be ridiculous, since when has having an option to listen to whatever music YOU WANT while you play a game been a bad thing?? If you agree with this guy then I suggest you buy a console that removes features or doesn't have any...maybe a NES?

Kee3532d ago

Yeah, I agree, we should have the option. That really isn't for a composer to decide I'm afraid.

I mostly listen to my own music while playing games anyway so if more games supported it I'd be a happy guy because it means I can hear the game sound effects and my own music for the optimal experience.

I listen to the game's soundtrack in my first completion of a game on single player but anything beyond that (ie. multiplayer or other playthrough) I just listen to my own music.

LocO_o3532d ago

I rather have the option.

For example I was playing Bayonetta and could stand the music in the game BUT thankfully I had the option to put on some Lupe Fiasco and it was a great experiance.

Some games are worth lplaying with the orignal sound tracks Zelda,Halo,God of War but some are not Motor Storm (Dont like Rock)Gears, Fall Out.

sack_boi3532d ago

Good call Richard Jacques I hate choices. Microsoft should start downgrading the X360, that would be soo cool.


PoulCast3532d ago

Can you downgrade the Xbox360 more? Wow..

galgor3532d ago

Come on, the guy's only saying that the feature isn't right for certain games, which I agree with. Playing a videogame is a way of submersing yourself into another world & the soundtrack is an integral part of that. I think what Richard has said is being perceived incorrectly. Who REALLY wants to play a game like Bioshock through first time with their own music playing?

Fox013532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Has Mcrosoft downgraded the X360 since it's release?
Actually, each and every firmware has been an update and the Slim is another upgrade so... I don't know what you're talking about.

THWIP713532d ago

Ignore him....Sony fantroll is delusional, and obviously confusing the 360 with his beloved PS3. EVERYONE knows that SONY is the one that's continually downgraded the PS3 since launch, to cut costs, in an attempt to stop the bleeding. ;)

Chaos693532d ago

Off course you don't. Just like you don't want cross game chat, invite or party chat.

DigitalRaptor3532d ago

How can you not see the validity in galgor's comment?

Some games deserve to be played without any outside influence and in their pure form.

I'm not saying take away the feature because I don't like lack of choice, but it's definitely not needed for certain games.

Just like how cross-game chat, invite or party chat is not needed for me to have an amazing experience. It would be a nice addition, but I'm not clawing Sony to include it with the PS3 or its games. I'm sure galgor doesn't mind either.

Fallouts3532d ago

The only console I know of that continues to downgrade is the ps3. Just go compare the launch to the ps3 of today. You may be shocked in how sony raped the hell out of the ps3 to try and stay relivant. Lol not only that ps3 was the last console out and had the first price cut! And a completely new branding with the smaller ps3.

LocO_o3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

@Galgor - Its not mandatory to play custom sound tracks.

We all have diffrent personalities and taste in music so its good to have options.

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Baka-akaB3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

i dont care for customs except in fighting games and sports games , but dear lord , i think your post just silly

garos823532d ago

i think this is the best thing about xbox360. i wish all games on ps3 had this function. although i wouldnt use it for all games especially on first play through it would be a welcome OPTION nonetheless.

Redempteur3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Same here , i'd rather enjoy a great soundtrack made for the game than to change it .

Fighting game, sport games and also racing games ...
As for the rest , the music is part of the "mood" and i'd rather have the devs working to get it right rather than dismiss it

killzone 2 for example did it right in allowing customs soundtrack online for Online play ..

JsonHenry3532d ago

Why do they continue to support the option? Because we the customer continue to ask for it!

lowcarb3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )


Your weird seriously!


gamingdroid3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I think the question Richard Jacques should ask is "Why do gamers feel the need to substitute their own soundtrack in?"

A moment of silence ensues... and enlightenment is achieved! Well done Richard, 1000 achievement points for you.

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green3532d ago

He is correct but i still like the feature. I only use custom soundtracks for racing games and nothing else. Just completed Reach and Enslaved and i could not ever imaging myself playing the game with anything other than the ingame music associated with the games.

NukaCola3532d ago


These devs put a lot of time into the music which makes the atmophere more real to me. Unless it's a sports game, I usually never listen to my own music. I love in game music. I do wish Fallout had a "radio channel" in which I could listen to my own tunes though. It could still have commercials but I would drop my classics into it, so I could be able to listen to more than 20 songs. I loved that in GTA, just listening to my own CDs, iPod, cassette tapes(Vice City and San Andreas)

lowcarb3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Would be great to only allow your soundtracks after beating a game.

edit: How I miss the rallisport 3 days playing my custom music. Great feature to have but also a way to kill an experience. What I really have always wanted is to allow the host or listen to other peoples music in game on my 360.

Max_Dissatisfaction3532d ago

I almost never use custom soundtracks but when I'm playing Forza 3 its good to know I can do it to music that I want. Same goes for Hawx and Halo Reach multiplayer

LightSamus3532d ago

It depends on the game really. Something cinematic where the music plays a big part, I could never justify changing the music to something else; the music is part of the game. But say I'm playing a multiplayer game where I'm going around firing guns at strangers online, why not use my own music?

Baka-akaB3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Regardless of how he feels , that's not his problem .. even without the custom option , people could just turn off bgms

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