L.A. Noire: 'Expect First Patch Soon' - Rockstar

NowGamer: Rockstar has moved to investigate reports of overheating while running on PlayStation 3s that have been updated to the latest firmware...


Following this thread being taken offline on the Rockstar support forums, a new thread has offered advice for PS3 and Xbox owners.

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Ninver2712d ago

so what happens if you live in a third world country with no means of connecting your console to the net?

i'm guessing game devs don't take time to think about that huh?

aCasualGamer2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

If you live in a third world country, with no means for internet. You wouldn't know about the issue in the first place and if their console would overheat they would think it's because of some other error.

I believe if you live in a country where there is no internet connection you should prioritize in doing other things than playing videogames. If you must play videogames then there are alternatives; either buy a PS2 and enjoy the roster of thousands of games or/and buy some other console that doesn't need internet connection.

I'm not trying to downplay on people with harsh lifestyles and those living in poor places. I'm just being realistic, if you are poor and live in a place where there is no internet connection, the last thing you should be doing is waste your valuable time in playing videogames.

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green2712d ago

@ aCasualGamer: "if you are poor and live in a place where there is no internet connection, the last thing you should be doing is waste your valuable time in playing videogames." WTF are you talking about?

What makes you think that everyone that is in a 3rd world country is poor? I am Nigerian and i grew up in Nigeria for 25 years of my life. I owned the NES, SNES, PE1,PS2, XBOX, N64, and had my 1st year ownership of the 360 in Nigeria. Guess what? most of my friends had consoles as well and we all bought them day one on release date usually by timing holidays to UK or US during that period.

I live in the UK now but a few or my friends have already asked me to get LA Noire for them during my next trip to Nigeria in a few weeks. And what Dirty Beaver is saying is correct. Its going to be a damn inconvenience for them. if this happened.

Forget internet connections, what about general hardware console faults like RROD or YLOD. Are you saying that because they are in a 3rd world country with no SONY or Microsoft customer support, they should not own a console ?

nix2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

you come from a humble country like Nigeria...? that is really hard to believe for the blind fanboy you are. wow. i think you should go back to your roots.

being humble, i mean.

PoulCast2712d ago

If you are located in a country without customer support for your purchased product, I am sorry to tell you that the developers nor the publisher should worry about you.

Before you purchase a product, make sure that you are able to send it for service. I do not purchase a car in Europe, if the only service option is in Asia, neither would I purchase a PS3 in Nigeria, if I had to send it to repair in another continent.

It's inconvinient, certainly. But I am sure that Nigeria has internet which you can rent to upgrade your PS3.

Baka-akaB2712d ago

if you've got no support , you take the gamble on your own obviously .

Wich is ok , but then it's no use complaining afterward .

Best served trying to get a local community to shine and convincing the contructors to add said support

KING852712d ago

I'm sorry Nix, but no matter how you try to spin your comment, you still come out looking like a douch bag. How does he sound like a fanboy? How does that saying go about the pot telling the kettle? Such a shame to see such ignorant words come out of people's mouths.

danielle0072712d ago

It's their decision whether they want to own a console or not, but they should pick their console choice wisely. Maybe stick with the PS2, XBOX or GameCube. Pick the most dependable system, with the most dependable games.

Or they take the risk, and have just as much chance as getting screwed as the rest of us, with a lot more of a hassle to fix it.

aCasualGamer2711d ago

@ green

That's not what i meant. Ofcourse it wouldn't apply to you as you said yourself, you are not poor.

What's the point of getting angry over patches when you don't even have a internet connection to begin with. It would be like last gen of clusterfu***k of faulty games.

There is no easy way to satisfy the needs of those without internet connections. The best would be to send Team Bondi a letter concerning your issue about non internet connected areas. Sending in receipt and demand a replacement.

Don't get me wrong, i have friends in Zimbabwe with no economic worries. But that doesn't mean the entire Zimbabwe has the same lifestyle, as the rich are minority.

I'm talking about those who have just earned cash and the first thing they do is buy consoles and materialistic products with no value. When instead it could go to education and such.

This is a situation that has been explained from fokes in third world country.

I'm not downplaying on anyone so don't get me wrong @ green.

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Baka-akaB2712d ago

i wouldnt say that ... but in all honesty , ith the focus upon either multiplayer , patches or dlcs this gen , in such case you should reconsider buying a ps3 or 360 .

danielle0072712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It's become the standard to be able to fix bugs through the patches. So no, they don't care. They only care about the majority, and the majority of gamers these days have an internet connection. If I lived in a place without internet, and I wanted to play video games, I'd probably stick to a PS2. Dependable, shizloads of games, and developers didn't have the ability to patch, so the top games actually perform well right out of the door.

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Chuk52712d ago

IMO RDR was a fucking mess stability wise and glitch-wise. I couldn't even play it at times, but everyone just swept that under the rug.

iistuii2712d ago

Mine this morning in the UK and for the 1st time I've purchased a multi on the PS3 and mine froze as soon as I turned it on just after the install. If it tries to go on the store to get the free DLC it freezes there too. Not a great start.

skyward2712d ago

I'd expect problems with the store until PSN is back up fully though...

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