PlayStation 3 top of the pops as Xbox flops (Europe)

James Rivington reports for Tech.co.uk on 23 Oct 2007:

PS3 sales have seen a huge spike since the console's big price cuts early this month. The European reduction in the cost of the 60GB PS3 and the introduction of the £299 40GB one has sent Sony's baby screaming up the console league table.

At the same time, Xbox 360 sales crashed through the floor; Microsoft managed to shift just 37,303 of them in that week.

Does this latest news suggest a significant shift in the fortunes of the ongoing console war?

krackchap5965d ago

wow 3 reports already,lol at insecure bots

Nostradavis5965d ago

Simple econmics if you ask me. Not really a suprise.

toughNAME5965d ago

from the reports section some people do seem desparate

but this IS one week...i dont know if I would call it a 'flop'

Sony and the PS3 brand already own the rights to the word 'flop'

ericnellie5965d ago

where credit is due. To some this might not be suprising or considered simple economics but, no matter what -- this is still really good news for the boys and gals at SONY. They have worked through a lot of negative press, price issues, delays, and a whole lot more to get to where they are today. Good job people and keep up the good work;)
They've still got a long way to go but, in my opinion, they are starting to go places with this PS3 gadget;)

Sam Fisher5964d ago

just b/c of mgs 4 and ff series ...THATS IT, no killzone(too many chances and it sux...portable and home console)i wouldve said dmc but WE all no how that came out

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ReBurn5965d ago

It looks to me like the Xbox 360 needs more games. I know that the PS3 has gotten a bad rap for not having the software support that it needs, but the 360's holiday lineup isn't exactly looking pristine, either. I have Halo 3, and it is a good game. I'm looking forward to Mass Effect, too. But what else is there?

Microsoft needs to step it up. They need to cut the price even further considering the box is now two years old and they need to put out some killer software. And it wouldn't hurt to further cut prices on older titles, too. There's no reason why Gears of War should still be $60, no matter how good it is.

sjappie5965d ago (Edited 5965d ago )

PGR4, Orange Box, COD4 and Assasins Creed next month. And some other smaller games. Not satisfied?

@ below Why does it matter if those games aren't exclusive, they're probably better than most ps3 exclusives and people can play them for the smaller amount of money on 360. And what? PGR4, Bioshock and HALO just came out and are exclusives. Then you got Mass Effect coming this year. What ps3 exclusives came/are coming out the last 4 months of this year?
Uncharted, R&C, HS, Warhawk. That's 4 exclusives for ps3 and 4 exclusives for 360 in the last 4 months of the year.
So, according to your logic, ps3 needs more exclusives to.

ReBurn5965d ago

Only one of those games you mention is exclusive. The 360 needs NEW first-party games because a library of year-old software isn't going to carry the system. Sorry. I love my 360, but Microsoft really hasn't announced anything new and exciting.

ceedubya95965d ago

The 360 does need another price but, and even for some of its games. However, I don't agree with your opinion of the 360 needing more games. Just because Mass Effect is the last big exclusive the 360 has coming this year doesn't mean that it is the ONLY GAME coming this year. Sure, a lot of those games are multiplatform, but that still plays into Microsofts favor since said games are identical (and sometimes better) on the cheaper console. The good news is that the PS3 has plenty of games for PS3 owner to play/look forward to. But I don't think that a larger number of exclusive games that may or may not be good for the PS3 means the 360 lineup is hurting.

Ju5965d ago

Make that a couple more.

PS3 has Haze, Folklore, Time Crisis 4, Uncharted and Ratchet, plus, if you want Lair and HS, Warhawk and Eye of Judgemnet. These are the exclusives from August to December (actually November, nothing in December so far) opposed to 360s PGR4, Bioshock, HALO, Ace Combat 6 and Mass Effect (and 2 or three smaller ones like SceneIt! or Viva Pinata2).

Out of that list, only Ace Combat could sell me a 360. But to be honest, if you compare these two lists, there is an attempt to create more variety into the 360 line up, while the PS3 already has it - with a one year shorter market penetration. This is the main difference, IMO.

Vavoom5965d ago

Uh, what's the best selling game at this moment on the PS3. I'm willing to say RFOM and probably Motorstorm. Are those not about 1 year old. Please stop making sh!t up as you go, most of the time you guys contradict whatever you said the day prior.

i.e. "I'm fine with the games out on the PS3" Counter = The xbox 360 need games (Even though they have more games than the ps3)

"MS has too many skus, they are just confusing the public" Counter = 20gig, 40gig, 60gig, and 80gig ps3. (all of which are approved by sony fanboys.)

"A year old game library is not going to carry a console (xbox 360), counter - the games carrying the PS3 right now MS and RFOM are a year old. (Theory failed)

"Xbox 360 only shipped 37,000 thus a failure" Counter = PS3 sold 7k in same market a few weeks ago (No mention of a failure there)

I could go on and on, but what's the point. You guys actually remind me of a bunch if juveniles with no sense of responsibility. Just run you mouths and don't worry about what was actually said.

Both sad, and embarrassing. BTW, I own a ps3 also, but I really don't care to much for a lot of you PS3 fanboys, you really take the fun out of have the console, because there's no way in hell I'd wanna play online with you. (Because as a whole you're too annoying on this site.)

I know this doesn't hold true for the majority of the PS3 Fans, but the few are really ruining it for the many. And the same thing can also be said about the 360 fans.

jaja14345965d ago

To Vavoom...

If I could hug you, I would. But I can't, so I'll give you a bubble instead.

ReBurn5965d ago

I'm really not interested in what the top selling PS3 game is. That doesn't factor into what's going on with the 360 in any way. My post wasn't intended to be a PS3 vs. 360 comment. I have both systems, there's no need for me to take sides.

Vavoom, there was no reason for you to go on your anti-PS3 tirade there. In all of that you didn't make a compelling statement contrary to what I said. All you did was bash on the PS3. Aside from Halo 3 and Mass Effect, what games are going to differentiate the 360 from the PS3? If I'm missing something then let me know.

joydestroy5965d ago

that's why you should own both of 'em. you don't have to worry about how many exlusives one or the other is getting.

out of all the games mentioned....
Uncharted, Haze, Warhawk (maybe, haven't played it yet), and Mass Effect.

even though i've had my 360 longer, after the holidays i'll have more exclusives for my PS3 which i just got a week ago.

people like different types of games, but i'm happy with the PS3 and 360 lineup.

Sam Fisher5964d ago

buy both systems dont need to wrry bout exclusives and any ways none of these will die anytime soon they have too many hardcore fans to let go of the systems(except wii , i mean seriously i no they have die hard fans but come on just let it go and die)

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sjappie5965d ago

after halo3 surge. They sold a sh*tload of consoles last month. This is just downtime before the holidays.

resistance1005965d ago

Actually in europe halo didn't have a massive impact in console sales

Mikey_Gee5965d ago

We all know this site is riddled with fanboys, but truth be told (admit it or not) .. NEITHER CONSOLE has flopped. And guess what kids .. NEITHER WILL.

Of course the PS3 is hot right now ... it JUST PUSHED OUT the cheaper 40 GIG model. It is the same as the 360 topping when Halo 3 was pushed out. Then you will also see the sales level out or even drop. Not because it is a FLOP, but because everyone who wants one and was waiting for this price drop will be after buying it. I don't see folks running out and buying a PS3 (same as a copy of Halo 3) each and every week to keep sales very high. I mean think about it .....

But to call either a true success or a flop is just plane face ignorance. If you want true numbers, wait till each console is out for the 5 year mark, go back and review and then see how it turned out. Now who will win ???? Who knows and who cares. But I will tell you this .. "NEITHER WILL BE A FLOP"

I really wish folks would get over this fanatical, to the death fanboy attitude toward their console. I mean if you go by this sites antics, you would never be able to have PS3 and XBOX 360 fans in the same room for fear of them killing each other.

Now how stupid is that.

Ju5965d ago

I agree somewhat. What Halo3 did to the 360 sales spike, the 40G model did to PS3 sales right now. However, in case of the PS3, the 40G model sold 60/80G machines (80 in the US, because the price went down before the 40 hits here).

People rush to get a PS3 with BC before its over. Doesn't mean, the sales won't stay. Now, after that will be gone, the PS3 is (almost) on par with the 360 price, and games will there be plenty around Christmas. ($399 is a price, which I think would justify the additional features even for people with a lower budget).

I think, if the 360 price stays (I don't expect them to lower the price, except they are really forced to - and make an even bigger loss), the PS3 will stay afloat. The Halo effect is over, now its more about the line up. The 360 has some blockbusters coming, but so has the PS3. I also hope, Sony, after the big $499 success, will keep a big box model in the lineup ( a) BC and b) card readers).

I don't think, the distance will be so dramatic in the future, though,

ukilnme5965d ago

Great comments. There's room for all platforms. I hope they all stay afloat.

Daishi5965d ago

Bubbles for mikey and ju for mking since! Does it not seem that every week or everyday even you hear 360/wii/ps3 sales blowing away the competition how will their competitors stay afloat? I remember these debates between the PSP and DS years ago and look at both those consoles...

dantesparda5965d ago (Edited 5965d ago )

"I really wish folks would get over this fanatical, to the death fanboy attitude toward their console. I mean if you go by this sites antics, you would never be able to have PS3 and XBOX 360 fans in the same room for fear of them killing each other."

Amen, to that brother, amen! (and im not even religious, lol!) but i like this stance you have. Keep up the good work buddy, you got my respect and backing on this. But its true! they are only video games systems, and the level of hate they create amongst each other cant be good. But oh well, what else should we expect from a bunch of dumb little kids or dumb adults?

And p.s. 24 agrees and no disagrees so far. Impressive!

IntelligentAj5965d ago

Damn good point!!! Unfortunately no matter hwo much this is repeated you'll still have people who would prefer to have console win as opposed to taking in all the good competition and realizing who the main beneficiary is from all of this:us GAMERS!!!!

Mikey_Gee5965d ago (Edited 5965d ago )

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I am even happier to see that I am NOT ALONE on my views

* gets down off soap-box and pops open a beer *

main beneficiary is from all of this:us GAMERS

** BINGO ** hit the nail on the head