Reminder: Xbox 360 Spring Update incoming (today)

123KINECT: From today onwards, the Xbox 360 Spring Update will be rolled-out by Microsoft in order to ensure we will have access to some new features!

Amongst the features are
- support for a new disc type Xbox Game Disc Format (XGD3)
- PayPal support
- Auto-standby feature
- more soon.


The first person reported updating about 30 mins ago. So, the download is live for at least one area.

Should expand to the world in the 'upcoming weeks,' says Major Nelson.

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guigsy3530d ago

The auto-standby feature is a nice addition, I have a few friends that leave their Xboxs on overnight, does my head in. At least this will reduce their elec. consumption.

mark01923530d ago

I guess this means you get to buy stuff on your US account with your non-US creditcard :D. Which is awesome!

RevXM3530d ago

Dear Ms...
How about making it possible to copy media from USB storage devices?

Max_Dissatisfaction3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Dear Random Guy on N4G

theonlylolking3530d ago

How would you not want that. They also should not block external hard drives for storage.

lochdoun3530d ago

An update to roll out features that should have been there in the first place.
Not as exciting as some previous Xbox updates, that's for sure.

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