What will gamers remember most about this generation of consoles?

With the pending announcement of the Wii HD at E3 its time to start reflecting on this generation of consoles. What will gamers remember the most about this generation? Will it be the Wii's motion controls, the 360's RROD, and/or PSN getting hacked? What about the games of this generation?

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xtheownerzx3533d ago

1. Red ring of Death
2. Apocalyps3
3. Sony hacked Psn shutdown.

Even though there were great games. I feel most ppl will remember the bad.

SixZeroFour3533d ago

releasing dlc for the rest of your game

TheHater3533d ago

Releasing paid DLC keys to unlock the full content of your game. F U CAPCOM

Wenis3533d ago

This gen has been subpar compared to last gen. It seems like developers are focusing more about money than good games. Plus there are too many wanna be hollywood developers trying to make an epic storyline to their games which ends up sucking anyways, not to mention that the game takes only 5 hours to beat.

saladthieves3533d ago


Perhaps you have been asleep this whole time? This gen sure had its tough/bad spots, but it is nevertheless an improvement in terms of features and technicality, over last gen. For example this gen opened a new window to our games and entertainment: online playing. For example, Call of Duty's most important aspect is online playing. Sure the campaign is 5 hours long but thanks to online, replay value and reason to keep owning the game is even better.

You say 5 hours...I'm thinking you don't play long games. Ever heard of RPGs?

AntoineDcoolette3532d ago

I agree with theowneraz. This is the first generation I've had a system fail on me. Not only fail but do so multiple times and there are all these stories about RRoD and what not. I'll remember this generation for a high failure rate.

darthv723532d ago

the fanboys and the incredible lengths they have gone to. Such as rigging meta scores for high profile games to blowing issues WAY out of proportion.

I'd like to remember it for the games and fun I have but those fanboys just ruin it for the rest of us.

Can anyone think of moments from generations past that are equally as memorable as the fanboys of this gen? I can think of the "crash" of the early 80's and follow it up with the age of optical media in the mid 90's.

Yet both are still somewhat overshadowed by the events of this gen and the "CONSOLE WAR".

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qface643533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

people care more about graphics than anything else

Blaze9293533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

"Remember when games used to be $59.99?"


i remember going to toys r' us and getting the slip of paper for whatever super nintendo game you wanted and taking it to the desk so they can get it from the back room for you.

3533d ago
Jonah_Reese3533d ago

You know I forget about the Apocalyps3 until someone brings it up, I will remember a few things:
- Wii Outselling the bigger boys with a fairly weak library
- Uncharted 2, ME 2, LA Noire becoming some of most respected titles in gaming (arguably)
- COD becoming a surprise, overrated pop phenomenon

KeiserSosay47883533d ago

No 120fps, not enough 1080p games, RROD, psn hack.

Solid_Snake-3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

so when you leave this gen and all the fun you have had, the only things your gonna think about is RROD.....loser.

why not remember the good days, like the first time you switched on your next gen console and seeing them HD graphics for the first time,

the all nighter call of duty 4 sessions,

cueing up for metal gear solid 4 and getting to see its beauty and feel the emotion of seeing old snake in front of his dads grave stone.

waiting to see what the first next gen GTA was like and if it would live up to gta san andreas.

NO you leave with RROD lol.

when next gen changes i will be leaving happy and pleased i was around for some great gameage.

ive met some decent people online and iv met some idiots ( mainly idiots ) but least i wont be going to next gen with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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kube003533d ago

Or releasing same day dlc...

Oldman1003533d ago

The release of unfinished buggy games with stripped content sold for dlc.

jrisner3533d ago

pointless N4G articles..I win!

mananimal3532d ago

There NOT REAL ARTICLES, its POLLING.......... 4 Sheeple, to gauge the effectiveness of Propaganda.

negroguy3533d ago

I almost feel sad for those who entered gaming this generation.

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