Saints Row Drops Today!

Get your gangsta on as the highly anticipated game from THQ releases today! Initially set as a launch title, apparently the game was given some extra love and has been generating quite a buzz...

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PS360PCROCKS5876d ago

Yeaa! Haha my kinda all I need is Gears of War and Forza and I am set for a few months man

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5876d ago

Circuit City just got my copy of Saint's Row bundled with the free Saint's Row faceplate in! see ya gotta get it!!!!!

STICKzophrenic5876d ago

I got mine from Circuit City after I got off work. I was glad they still had some faceplates left. I'll never put it on my 360, but it's a pretty cool collectible, in my opinion.

I'm havin a blast playin it so far.

God of Gaming5876d ago

For those that dont know yet... GameStop is offering a great deal on Saints Row. Bring in any 2 old 360 games and get Saints Row for 9.99!! Any 360 game will due... got 2 old launch games laying around? Get Saints Row for 10 bucks!

Pink Panther215876d ago

This game exceeds all expectations. Wow.

Gamer135876d ago

Can,t wait to play it, the reviews ive seen or very good and the ingame trailers proves it all.

Everyone seems positive about this game which i like.

And im getting this game because i like what i see.


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The story is too old to be commented.