Realism In Video Games: Is It What We Want?

Platform Nation: I would like to pose a question to our community here at Platform Nation about something that I have been on the fence with when I consider the future of gaming. Should video games, both in terms of game mechanics as well as storyline, continue to strive toward realism? Sure, it’s more realistic that the protagonist of an FPS game can only carry two weapons at a time, but is it more fun that way? Do games such as Homefront or the infamous airport slaughter level in Call of Duty strike a chord that is too close to home? Or is this exactly what people want to see?

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rabidpancakeburglar3531d ago

Overall yes, but in some games no. I don't mind realism in graphics and effects in shooters as I realise that it's just a game although in gameplay terms I don't want it to get to the point where the recover feature is done away with. In games intended to just give the user fun I wouldn't say that it's important.

Lou-Cipher3531d ago

It all depends on the game.

Some need it, some dont, and some need a nice mixture of both.

jbl3163531d ago

I agree. You don't want to make a game too realistic or else it will be too hard to play. One gunshot and you're dead lol.

saladthieves3530d ago

Some people will take realism over the lack of it. I'll give you a simple aspect: driving/simulation games.

Some people will chose Burnout Paradise over Forza or Gran Turismo 5 because they won't to just have over the top fun, and not have to worry about precise, perfect. They want it simple and fun.

Others will chose something that reflects reality, something that they feel comes close to their real life experiences.

It's all depending on the game and what you want out of it. What you want/need in a game might not be what the other person wants.

NovusTerminus3531d ago

I like seeing graphics look good, but I do not play realistic game often, I prefer a stylized look, such as Final Fantasy and such.

Bimkoblerutso3530d ago

I'm so tired of this argument. A "realistic" style can be just as effective as more "artistic" styles and vice versa. Art style really depends on how you utilize it within the context of the game.

TheLastGuardian20103530d ago

Depends. I'd love to see a balance.

I love Bulletstorm, but on the other hand I also LOVE L.A Noire and it's realistic take on 40's crimefighting.

I say there should be a balance.

Let there be realistic games like Heavy Rain, L.A Noire, Operation Flashpoint, Mafia 2, etc...

While let's still have our fare shares of games like Duke Nukem, and Bulletstorm.

Because that's what gaming is all about, choices.

KING853530d ago

Depends on the game and what you're going for. All FPS should not necessarily be real. I could not picture games like Battlefield playing like Halo or vice versa. I like diversity as I am sure many others do. If all that we had to play were Call of Duties or Battlefields or Resistance it would become monotonous. People complain about Call of Duty being for noobs, doesn't change the formula and whatnot, but I personally welcome it. It may or may not be might favorite FPS, but the fact that it's there amongst other FPS gives me and other gamers options. I like the silliness of Duke Nukem, but I also like the serious undertones to a game like Heavy Rain or Metal Gear. To each his own but options are great for a gamer.

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