Is gaming a shameful hobby?

Bitmob writes "I am a proud member of Club Nintendo. When I get a new Nintendo product, I sit down and enter in all those stupid codes into the company website, so I can get some awesome Zelda and Mario posters. Once I filled up my walls with appropriate nods to my nerd sensibilities, I was extremely happy. (I've even got a Trogdor poster and a pirate flag for good measure.)"

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iamnsuperman3533d ago

No but expensive. I can see what you mean with the posters but I have two LBP poster up. I am a proud about being geeky and there is nothing wrong with it

NYC_Gamer3533d ago

not for me because i enjoy gaming

acronkyoung3533d ago

I never had a ton of game posters, just one or two from a magazine, but the first movie I ever watched with my first girlfriend when we were 16 was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I'm not sure why I thought she would like it, or why I even liked it, but we watched the whole thing and she told me it was good. Once we'd been dating for awhile she informed me that it was incredibly stupid and I was a big dork, but we're married now, so she's stuck. She knew what she was getting herself into.

Sadie21003533d ago

If a chick can't handle that stuff on your walls, then forget her! You think she'll be OK later when you're 10 hours into Mass Effect 3 with no signs of slowing down?

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The story is too old to be commented.