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rabidpancakeburglar3533d ago

It really is a beautiful game but I fear that it will be buggy as hell if all of the things they say they are including are included

awiseman3533d ago

Please dont say that, ur scaring me.

Brewski0073532d ago

I have to agree. Im super-psyched for this game. And theres no doubt, Im gonna enjoy it.
But Im just hoping its not too buggy. I expect some bugs with titles as huge as this, but hope we won't have to be waiting on patch after patch
for them all to be fixed.
Even so, this video really showcases the game.
Can't wait.

RedDead3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

We can only hope for the best, just pretend it was Gamebryo's fault and they've rewritten it into something good now :) they say.....hopefully

Stealth500k, Oblvion has been sort of different, although it's still basically slash/slash /slash repeatedly, but Morrowind was down to chance, which was increased by level, Obliv was more actiony in that all your attacks count and you actually choose when to block an attack, a shield in Morrowind was chance again, it would work sometimes and not others, if it did work though all damage was negated

Tony P3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

TES games have ALWAYS been buggy regardless of the engine. It's the consequence for making a giant world with all those dynamic systems. You can't reasonably predict where things will go wrong.

I long ago accepted that so long as the bugs aren't ridiculous or game-breaking, I don't mind. Patches come.

So if you want to play as glitch free as possible, I suggest you personally add another year of development to the game, and put it on your shelf until a few patches have rolled out.

despair3532d ago

unfortunately I agree, its nice to have bug free games, but unrealistic to think that they can do so for a game of this magnitude and complexity.

Still it would be nice if they had like 6 months to spare to eliminate the bugs and give us a near perfect experience off the bat. I wouldn't mind the extra wait, though I suspect there would be alot of people who would riot lol.

stealth500k3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

evolved? On the basic level 1-5 are basically all the same. Just a different setting and better graphics. The gameplays been the same more or less

shooter13532d ago

I'm actually really excited for this game since this will be my first ever Elder Scrolls game. Does anybody know if they are actually as good as they look?

Tony P3532d ago

An odd question, but:

TES is a free-roaming RPG game notable for the scope of its game world and extensiveness of its lore. Unlike more traditional CRPGs and JRPGs which preceded it, TES places players in a vast, fully explorable continent or country.

It's similar to the sandbox of a GTA game, but on a larger scale since most of the buildings and locations you come across can likewise be fully explored. Few places in TES exist for show.

It is also famous for its nonlinear play, which allows players freedom to essentially do whatever they wish whenever they wish.

If that's a game you want to play then yeah, they're as good as they look.

shooter13532d ago

Thanks for the info and i'm now sure that this is a game I have to get.

il-mouzer3532d ago

the dragons will probably be the new oblivion gates

also why does every interview that feature Tod Howard have to include a fireplace of some sort in the background? :S

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