Wake Island Evolution Through Battlefield Series

Wake Island has been around the Battlefield Franchise since Battlefield 1942.

Which Wake Island was your favorite in all of the Battlefield games?

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aviator1894155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Jeez, that map looks epic.
Now, I can imagine helicopters carrying players around the map, exploding helicopters dropping from the air due to rocket collision, warfare vehicles roaming the map, boats patrolling the waters, destruction on an epic scale all over the map.... and hearing all of this beauty on my Surround Sound System 5.1 with the "war tapes" setting on..

Oh yeah, battlefield 3 is going to be epic.

callmedom944155d ago

Sounds all so great, and can be pictured by anyone. This game will be incredible. And DICE is famous for its best sounding games!

UnbiasedGamer4155d ago

DICE sound effects are excellent in their battlefield games, especially on a sound system.

Greywulf4155d ago Show
metsgaming4155d ago

i cant wait to see more at E3 !

Scrotie_McBoogerball4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )


You are a pathetic troll mate.

I think the gaming world has resigned it self to know that this is a PC only game. The console versions are appearing as a near after thought and don't hold a candle to the PC version. We all know it and we all don't care.

ON TOPIC: I cannot wait to storm the beaches of the new wake island. Is it me or does it look much bigger than past iterations?

Get a gaming PC or go play COD as far as I am concerned. I don't care that the console version is gimped as I won't be getting it.

Thank you Dice for finally pushing the envelope far enough to encourage the next gen of console to come through.

ON TOPIC: I cannot wait to storm the beaches of the new wake island. Is it me or does it look much bigger than past iterations?

caboose324155d ago

Yea thats what I though when I first saw it. Probably closer to the actual size of wake island.

aviator1894155d ago

I really don't get your comment. Greywuld was acknowledging that the PC version is clearly the superior in the sense that it will boast up to 64 players online, in contrast to consoles' 24 player limit online.

Anyways, I doubt DICE is completely ignoring the console versions as you're implying. Both DICE and EA know that the majority of the sales will stem from the consoles and the minority from the PC version. The console footage will probably have limits and will probably be graphically and technically inferior to the PC version, but I doubt by that much besides the on-line player limit cap. These companies want sales and I'm betting they'll make sure the console version will be up to speed and run spectacularly.

callmedom944155d ago

I have to agree with you here. BF3 on consoles will still be amazing. The only thing is that the maps will be a little bit bigger on the pc and have a faster fps.

DICE has already said that the out of bounds will be bigger on consoles in order for jets to have more flying zone. They wont "dumb" done console versions. They have said this in interviews. It's just going to be 24 players online. I would rather have 24 than 32 or 64 on console if that means that I dont have lag..
and plus, all Battlefields on consoles all the way back to Battfield 2 Modern Combat, it has been 24 players a team. In 1943 it was 24, BC, and BC2 have all been 24. It will work out despite what anybody says, and the game will be far superior than the other games on the market

SignifiedSix4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Yeah, i hope you enjoy all the hackers on the pc version. I'll take 24 players over that shit any day...

Edit- But on the other hand, the PC version is gonna be superior gameplay and graphics wise, But really, I'm getting sick of all the damn hackers on the PC versions of games. Thats why I left pc gaming pretty much. :/

callmedom944154d ago

Couldn't agree more. before you know it, there will be battlefield hacks on PC with aimbots and wallhacks. Meanwhile Consoles will have that not to worry about Besides smooth play. All skill is needed

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BeastlyRig4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I like the dreary look to the battlefield! oh yeah!

I can't wait to see water & weather effects!

t2taylor4155d ago

my fav is the 1942/1943 map

M0t0rBreath4155d ago

FYI: The pic is only concept art. The final product most likely will look very different. Very similar to what BF2 was. I hope they fix the the U.S side. Where the soldiers would get left behind on the carrier. Preferable, I would like a chanook or some sort of large air transport vehicle with high altitudes so the Jets cannot reach. Even though a server had a set rule against opposing air vehicles, U.S blackhawks and transport boats didnt stand a chance. I really hope this gets fixed