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NGR Writes: Well, Killzone series just like Halo series defines the meaning of a FPS game on consoles, with its top-notch graphics and pretty good story you would pretty much need nothing more than a good and challenging gameplay which GG delivered very well.

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thugbob3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )


Killzon 2 defines the meaning of FPS on consoles NOT kiillzone 3. Killzone 3 is not challenging at all. I beat the game on veteran in 4 hours with little trouble.

Killzone3 is also missing a lot of features that Killzone 2 had on top of that Killzone as been made to appeal to CoD fans and other fans of other shooters instead of Killzone fans. Killzone 3 is a downgrade from Killzone 2 and plays like CoD.

Killzone 2 > Killzone 3 fact! Guerrilla Games even knows this although they won't openly admit it. They even hired the Killzone 2 lead Multiplayer Designer back to ensure that Killzone 4 will be nothing short of great and will be everything that Killzone 3 should have been!

dinkeldinkse3531d ago

Killzone 3 is inferior to Killzone 2. I haven't touch Killzone 3 since the beginning of March, but I still play Killzone 2.

blackburn103531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I agree. GG should have made KZ3 the way they made K2 and satisfied the 2 people that continued playing it. That makes tons of sense.Suddenly everyone likes KZ2 after dissing it every chance they got.

thugbob3531d ago

ummm troll

KZ3 has sold less than KZ2, try again.

KZ3's current community isn't even alot. There are a lot of people complaining on the forums about how they can't find a full match.

KZ2 had plenty of people playing during it's prime. KZ3 won't last past this year.

DoomeDx3530d ago

Yeah killzone 2 multiplayer was done by Eric Boltjes.

Which was IMO the guy that made Killzone 2 bloody awesome.

Killzone 3 is ehmm..idk. i like it for one match a day. after that, im bored

Bell Boy3531d ago

I enjoy both the same for different reasons to be honest

Killzone 2 MP rocks

Killzone 3 using Move is sublime

Best of both worlds for me I guess

MintBerryCrunch3531d ago

KZ2 is still going...if i need my MP FPS fix, that is what i play...balance, even teams, no glitching and all the people that complained about the game have moved on

Staypuftafroman3531d ago

I still play as well. I haven't yet earned that weekly ranking trophy.

MintBerryCrunch3531d ago

ive gotten the top 10 and top 6 percent

but when i look at the not even close...people still play this game a lot

Holeran3531d ago

For me (and I may be one of the few) I like Killzone 3 a lot more than Killzone 2. I played Killzone 2 multiplayer for a long time and I have played Killzone 3 since its release and to me is a much better game than Killzone 2. It is a personal preference and I'm sure I will get mass disagrees but I play Killzone 3 everyday for at least an hour and I love it.

Ju3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I prefer KZ3 over 2 as well. Maybe KZ2 was the deeper experience, but KZ3 is just the better game. IMO, of course. Move alone makes a huge difference.

Rezka3531d ago

I agree dude with back when I used to play killzone 2 I would play one match and get bored easily and quit game sure killzone beated killzone 3 with its features but gameplay wise is something else.Killzone 3 is way better than killzone 2

thugbob3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I try to pass off my opinion as fact because I'm a bit butthurt. I was really looking forward to KZ3. KZ3 was supposed to be a game that I would play for another 2 years. Now I find my self look for other shooters to get my FPS fix.

Brink was a game that I was looking forward to but it doesn't seem to have longevity. Now Battlefield 3 is the game I'm looking forward to. People have recommended Bad Company 2 since I really like KZ2 so much that's why I'm looking forwards to BF3. I can undertstand why people like KZ3 especially if you didn't play KZ2, but I just feel that KZ2 was unique.

The heavy movement and the recoil/bullet spread on the guns were not done in other shooters. Spawn grenades and Custom Server list also made Killzone 2 stand out. Killzone 3 does have things that are good about it. My main gripe with Killzone 3 is that the gunplay which is the core has been made so that if you are use to playing other shooters you'll have no problem picking up KZ3 and owning.

GG should have left the core gunplay the way it was in Killzone 2. If you don't like it then Killzone is not the game for you. I don't understand why people feel that all shooters should play the same.

Plus the main complaint about KZ2 was the sluggish controls not the recoil or health, but GG changed them anyway. GG added, removed, and changed things that they shouldn't have in KZ3. I do a sure you though that KZ4 will unquestionably be the best FPS on consoles this gen(if it comes out this gen) because GG got their Lead Multiplayer Designer for KZ back!

HOSe3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

killzone3 albeit very cool looking, gets boring way to fast. and once youve leveled up, the only thing left to do is pwn noobs.

the game was a swing AND a miss by GG
could have been the best fps on the ps3 but it whiffed

HOSe3530d ago

kz3 while a good game, was seriously rushed to the market.

gamestop %50 trade in starting the 23rd = bye bye k3

Thoreau3528d ago

i believe that most of you aren't good enough to decide anything, but the lack of a lobby balance mechanism and custom rooms does hurt.

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