GamesRadar- Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Hands-on Preview

GamesRadar:" There’s really not much to explain – take the familiar button mashing fun of Dynasty Warriors, fold in plenty of story-heavy cutscene exposition, and throw in plenty of big baddies and quickly felled mobs alike and you have the basic idea. From there, it’s a matter of simply picking your character (though plenty were available, we stuck to the obviously-announced Ichigo) and plowing out into the desert to hack away at Hollows.

There’s no questioning the Dynasty Warriors influence. Ichigo has a standard quick attack that can be linked and/or finished with a ranged one by tapping Square a few billion times and ending with a press of the triangle button. Should one opt for just that triangle attack, it sucks energy from a special attack meter but spits out lancing walls of energy – useful for taking down airborne enemies, say. Along with an infinite dash that can be used for fast traversal across both ground and air and a lock-on/block move that helps with quick dashes,...

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rabidpancakeburglar3533d ago

Hopefully they actually give this a proper review unlike what they did with Naruto: UNS2