GamePro: Catherine Preview

GamePro: "It's become commonplace for games to kick off with the threat of a looming nuclear disaster, or perhaps the prophesized return of some apocalyptic force of evil. Catherine, the upcoming horror-action-puzzler from Atlus' Persona Team, begins with unkempt protagonist Vincent Brooks staring down something just as frightening: commitment.

Katherine-with-a-K McBride, Vincent's sweetheart of five years, is actively pressuring the thirty-something salaryman to pop "the question." But Vincent, content with his lackadaisical lifestyle, isn't quite ready to make the leap into married life -- at least, not yet. It's at the Stray Sheep, Vincent's watering hole of choice, that a stunning young sexpot (the eponymous and enigmatic Catherine-with-a-C) seduces our troubled hero while in a drunken fog, and the events that follow may prove to Vincent that settling down is the least of his worries."

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